SMIE’s anti-collision system operates in Sweden

The Swedish construction company Skanska in a joint venture with Danska MTH has been commissioned to build the Hisingbron Bridge in central Gothenburg. Working within a proximity to residential areas, roads and public transport systems, the company has equipped two Liebherr 280EC-H tower cranes with the ProSITE anti-collision system, launched by SMIE in 2016. Thanks to its WiFi capabilities, the system can be configured and managed remotely from any connected location. One of the reason they have chosen the ProSITE anti-collision system is also the local support from SMIE Nordic engineers.

Due to completion in 2021, the Hisingbron Bridge ties two river banks together providing ships with 12 m and 28 m crossings when lifted.

Comansa introduces the largest model manufactured in China

Comansa has launched its largest crane manufactured at the Hangzhou plant in China, the new 21CM750, mainly to respond to the growing demand for the heavier load cranes on the Asian market.

This new flat-top, designed to the European safety standard EN14439, is available in two versions, with a maximum load of 50 and 37.5 tonnes. The crane benefits from a great modularity which means that the 37.5t model can load 50t by changing the front trolley and hooks. Both versions have a jib length of 80m and a freestanding height of 78.8m while the jib-end load for the 37.5t model is 7,300kg for the 50t model is 6,700kg. Thanks to the modular design, the jib and counter-jib sections have six different configurations to enable the adaption do different jobsite conditions. According to the constructor the optimized design in the jib and counter-jib connection allows for faster and safer assembly and disassembly.

The new model features the Cube Cabin and can be used for prefabricated construction, construction of power plants, mining, bridges and other large-scale infrastructures.

Singapore’s first MCR 295 already at work

Dragages Singapore construction company has hired the latest model in Potain’s MCR line of luffing jib cranes, the MCR 295, to help build CapitaSpring, one of the tallest buildings in the country’s financial district.
The Potain MCR 295 luffing jib tower crane is available in three versions, each with their own rated capacity and load chart, but each capable of working with up to 60 m of jib. The three versions H16, H20 and H25 have maximum capacities of 16 t, 20 t, and 25 t, and for the CapitaSpring project the contractor selected the H20 model.

Julien Esch, Managing Director of Dragages Singapore, explained: “With the MCR 295, we were able to configure the jibs to just 40 m so the crane can operate within the tight constraints of the job site.”

“With a compact 2 m by 2 m footprint and optional Top Tracing II anti-collision system, the MCR 295 is ideal for congested urban projects,” added Suman Das, Regional Sales Manager for Tower Cranes at Manitowoc.

In addition, the tower crane rental company Manta Equipment also supplied four other Potain luffing jib cranes, two MR 295 units and two MCR 225A machines. The new 280m development is worth $1.82 billion and will feature 51 stories of Grade A office space, ancillary retail space and a serviced residence.

Two topless tower cranes over a historic district of Florence

Two topless tower cranes: a Raimondi MRT159 (equipped with the Deluxe R126 cabin) and a Raimondi MRT84, were erected by the Official Raimondi Cranes agent, Assistedile Srl., in a historic district of Florence in Italy. These two machines are used in the construction of a new luxury hospitality property, as well as the renovation and restoration of the San Paolo Apostolo church and convent, more commonly known as San Paolino. The cranes should stay onsite for approximately 16 months.

“We were pleased to take part in this important project in such a revered district in Florence. It required intense jobsite preparation as both cranes – positioned on embedded elements – had to meet strict provisions set by the archaeological superintendents that are put in place to protect the country’s historic structures and sites,” said Luciano Friso, Managing Director, Assistedile.

Manitowoc unveils new Potain topless crane

Manitowoc has recently launched the Potain MCT 325, further expanding its MCT range of topless cranes. The company unveiled the new crane during a special event at Manitowoc’s factory in Zhangjiagang, China on August 29.

Available in two versions, the MCT 325 offers jib length configurations from 40m up to 75m, in increments of 5m. At its 75m jib end, the MCT 325 can handle 2.5t for the 12t version and 2.3t for the 16t version. According to Manitowoc, on a well-prepared site, the MCT 325 can be setup within 1.5 days, with the complete jib and counter-jib erected in four lifts.

The MCT 325 is designed to work with the 2 m x 2 m L68 and L69 mast systems and can be utilized with fixing angles in a regular high-rise construction; in an internal climbing configuration; or mounted on a chassis in order to provide maximum versatility. The crane also features a new square design of the crane’s counterjib. To ensure easier assembly on site, the complete jib and counter-jib can be erected in two lifts each. There are also dedicated sling points on the counter jib and transport brackets on the jib to facilitate easier loading into the crane’s compact transport configuration.

The cranes are available with a variety of options for the hoisting, slewing and trolley mechanisms. The 12t version comes with the standard 75 LVFC 30 winch or the option to upgrade to the 75 HPL 30. The 75 LVFC 30, a 55 kW-rated hoist, offers a rope capacity of 766 m and can lift 1.5 t at up to 114 m/min. The 16 t version comes with the standard 75 LVFC 40 or there’s the option to upgrade to the 75 HPL 40 or 100 LVF 40. The 75 LVFC 40, a 55 kW-rated hoist, offers a rope capacity of 637 m and can lift 2 t at up 90 m/min. The winches are available with a safety brake option. 

Deliveries of the Potain MCT 325 will begin in September and the crane will be sold across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Russia and the CIS countries. 

IDP distributes over 35 Potain tower cranes for a new city in Egypt

More than 35 Potain tower cranes are currently being used on the construction site of the new El Alamein city on Egypt’s northern coast. The on-site Potain cranes fleet includes MCT 85, MCT 205, MC 235 C and MC 310 K12 models. All these machines have been delivered by International Development Programmes (IDP), distributor of Potain cranes in Egypt for the past 44 years. The cranes started arriving on site in 2018 and are expected to stay there for at least 5 years.

The two most popular cranes on the job site are the MCT 85 and MCT 205 topless models. The first one has a maximum jib length of 52 m and a tip load of 1.1 t. It has a maximum capacity of 5 t. The MCT 205 is a topless crane with a maximum capacity of 10 t and it can lift 1.75 t at its maximum jib end of 65 m. Once completed, the new city will be able to accommodate 3 million people over an are of 21,000 hectares.

SMIE takes crane automation technology a step further

SMIE, manufacturer of anti-collision systems for tower cranes has taken further the crane automation technology. Using their remote 4G system they have been able to connect a Pro-SITE installed tower crane to their simulator system based 300km away. This adaptation requires no hardware modifications to the crane only a viable 3G or 4G connection. Where this is not possible, a WIFI connected system with direct internet connection can be used instead.

Nick Palfrey, Chief Marketing Officer said “For us, this is once again a conceptual exercise in how we as a technology provider can push the envelope. Whilst the technology works and is entirely useable, we are not presenting this as a solution we expect our customers to adopt today. In our view, this is part of a wider set of solutions that we are creating to make jobsites smarter.

Vincent Brach, Technical Director and Industry Expert added “we are achieving transfer rates of less than 100 milliseconds which is substantial and well below the levels of what is required to remotely control a crane. We added a safety feature to put the crane into a safety mode if this margin went above 100 milliseconds.”

Corleonis orders 19 flat-top tower cranes from Terex

The tower crane rental, sales and service provider Corleonis has been the official distributor for Terex tower cranes in Poland since the end of 2018. From the beginning of the year, Corleonis ordered 19 flat-top tower cranes from Terex Cranes, including the models CTT 91-5, CTT 132-6, CTT 162-8, CTT 561-32 and the brand new CTT 202-10 flat-top tower crane, officially presented for the first time at this year’s bauma.

“We value Terex Cranes as a highly respectable and reliable business partner with an honest and sincere passion for tower cranes. Moreover, the high level of awareness and acceptance of the Terex brand in Poland made it easy for us to enter into this business relationship,” says the owner of Corleonis, Arkadiusz Ertel.

The new distributor’s product portfolio ranges from Terex CBR self-erecting tower cranes and CTT flat-top tower cranes to CTL luffing jib tower cranes.

From left to right: Marco Gentilini (Vice President & General Manager Tower Cranes, Terex Cranes), John Garrison (CEO, Terex Corporation), Steve Filipov (President, Terex Cranes), Arkadiusz Ertel (CEO, Corleonis), Jacek Obrębski (Commercial Director, Corleonis) and Bartosz Irzyniec (Sales Manager, Terex Cranes).

Raimondi Cranes appoints Domenico Ciano as Chief Executive Officer

Tower cranes manufacturer Raimondi Cranes announced this appointment to the company’s official agents in the heart of Bauma 2019. After 17 years in the tower crane business, Eng. Domenico Ciano joined Raimondi Cranes in 2014 as the company’s Technical Director and will succeed Ahmed Alkhoshaibi, who served the Chief Executive Officer position since 2009.

“I am confident and proud that Raimondi will have a leader that both values its heritage and that will further invigorate the significant upward trajectory we have experienced these past years,” said Alkhoshaibi.

“Every Raimondi product launch has been welcomed by strong sales and repeat purchasing, itself an indication of client satisfaction and acknowledgement of our technical advancements and product fit-for purpose,” Eng. Ciano added.

The 21LC1400 joins the Flat-Top range of Comansa

During the Bauma trade show, the Spanish manufacturer of tower cranes Comansa announced the arrival of a new model in its flat-top range. This crane, named 21LC1400 will be available worldwide from September 2019 in two versions, with maximum load capacity of 50 or 66 t. Like the other recent models of the brand, the 21LC1400 will feature a modular design of the counterjib to significantly reduce the counter-radius in constrained jobsites. A new single and compact trolley has also been designed and will replace the former Comansa double trolley system. The main expected application of the new cranes is to work in PPVC and infrastructure projects and on the sites where is necessary to lift very heavy loads.