Extension at Monaco sea: One-third of the concrete caissons in place

On Wednesday, February 13th 2019, Eiffage Génie Civil Marine teams successfully completed the installation of the sixth out of 18 concrete caissons for the future offshore extension of Anse du Portier in Monaco.
It was necessary to respect a tolerance of 15cm to install the caisson of 11 000 tons. It’s length and width measure 30m, which culminates to 25m of height: the equivalent to a building of 8 floors high.
In the long term, this extension will gain around 6.5 hectares of new land into the sea.

The consortium of EDF Renewables and Masdar will build a 400MW wind farm in Saudi Arabia

A consortium of two experts in the renewable energy sector, the French EDF Renewables and Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company PJSC), has just won the tender for the Dumat Al Jandal wind farm in Saudi Arabia. Their offer was pre-selected in Riyadh in July 2018 thanks to its best cost competitiveness ($ 21.3 / MWh). Located 900 km from north of Riyadh in the region of Al Jouf, this wind farm with a capacity of 400 MW, the first of Saudi Arabia, will be the most powerful in the Middle East.

Bolloré Logistics transports for the Karuma Dam in Uganda

Bolloré Logistics teams from Uganda and Kenya have collaborated to transport construction equipment items for a major project in Uganda. In 2015, Chinese Group Power China, whose subsidiary Sinohydro specialises in the construction of dams, began the construction of the Karuma power station, the first underground hydropower plant with a capacity of 600 MW. Located on the edge of the Nile, in northwestern Uganda, the country hopes to meet the growing demand for electricity with this project. In October 2016, Bolloré Logistics ensured the shipment of the trucks carrying the goods, as part of the contract including unloading and transport from the port of Mombassa (Kenya) to the Karuma yard (Uganda), 1,285 km in 12 days. As a part of the same contract, in 2018, the international transport and logistics specialist transported and unloaded a 98-ton container to the 15 km long and 450 m deep tunnel. The tricky part of this task was the accessibility and means of movement in a narrow tunnel with a inclination of about 12 degrees. Thank to the adapted solutions, such as the deployment of a rail system access, tilting of the container or the moving of trailers in reverse, the entire transport was carried out without accident.  Today, 85% of the work has been completed and the project will be finished in 2019.

Vinci Construction Grands Projets achieved the Shieldhall project in Scotland

Nearly four years after the beginning of the works, Vinci Construction Grands Projets (subsidiary of the french group Vinci), appointed by the public water-management network Scottish Water and in a joint venture with its British partner Costain, just handed over the Shieldhall tunnel DB works near Glasgow. Jobsites consisted in digging two wells, 20m deep and 15m wide, a 250m open trench as well as a 5km long tunnel. To complete this operation, Vinci teams used a 1000t mixshield slurry tunnel boring machine, with a 5,5m diameter in the front. They faced some complications as crossing several coal mines and the shallow depth of the tunnel. Once in use, the Shieldhall project will enable to boost wastewater treatment flow of the Glasgow city in order to stop the spill in the river Clyde.