Cometto MSPE for heavy duty movements in Mali

International logistics specialist Marine Maroc, based in Casablanca, has recently used a four modular combinations of Cometto self-propelled trailers MSPE 40t in side-by-side configuration for heavy duty movements in Sub-Saharan Africa. This project involved the transport of six diesel engines each weighing 215t and six generators each weighing 72t for the power plant of Kayes in Mali. Marine Maroc handled this operation for its final customer Bolloré Logistics on behalf of BWSC Denmark.

“The MSPE convoy formed by eight axle lines has been side-by-side with other eight axle vehicles”, explains Daniel Delorme, the CEO of Marine Maroc. “We reached a platform wide of five meters and a payload of about 600t always assuring the safest transport conditions of the load. They were used for the final movement of the project to position the engines inside the power house on the job site, alongside the foundations.”

The Cometto MSPE is a part of their vehicle park since 2013. The semi-trailers manufacturer offers four interchangeable series of MSPE having capacities up to 70t per axle line for the newest MSPE Evo3.

Cometto heading to space

Cometto (Faymonville Group) has just delivered a self-propelled electric trailer type EMT 4/4 to Europropulsion S.A, a company specializing in civil space activities, in French Guyana.

The project has been concluded in partnership with the Italian company Bisiach e Carrù SpA, one of the leaders in robotic activities. They were in charge of the horizontal assembly of the igniter and the nozzle of P120C (auxiliary solid rocket motor of Ariane 6 and the first stage of the Vega C launcher currently in development). The selected vehicle, a 4-axle self-propelled transporter with a load capacity of 40 tonnes, is designed on the basis of a standard unit of the EMT series, fully electric modular platforms for on-site heavy logistics. One of its main features is the hydraulic parallel-lifting system and the floating spheres support system with hydraulic centering system. 

The EMT 4/4 is equipped with an optical automatic guidance system with an infra-red cameras: the EMT series from Cometto can thus be controlled by remote control or with a self-driving AGV system.

Subsidiary of the Italian Avio and the French Arianegroup, Europropulsion S.A.  illustrates the cooperation of the two countries on civil space activities and ensures the development and production of large solid propellant rocket motors for the European launchers Ariane and Vega under the ESA (European Space Agency ) management with French and Italian funding.