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Naval Group’s Transport Solution Partnership with Cometto

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The Naval Group, a renowned global player in naval defense, holds key roles as an industrial contractor, designer, and comprehensive integrator for entire warships and combat systems. Operating with expertise across ten production sites in France, the Naval Group crafts a diverse range of products and services meticulously tailored to the specific requirements of each naval force. Within this advanced technological milieu, the Naval Group has seamlessly deployed four 6-axle units from Cometto’s SPMT range to address pressing needs.

These four units are earmarked for service at the Naval site in Cherbourg, located in the northwestern French department of Manche. Their deployment is a response to the site’s logistical challenges and demanding missions. Boasting impressive modularity and an astonishing payload capacity of 48 tons per axle line, these self-propelled modular transporters represent an optimal solution for the heaviest of tasks. What sets them apart is their electronic steering system, guaranteeing unmatched maneuverability and precision with a remarkable steering angle range of +135° to -135°. To complement these robust transporters, two 129 kW Powerpack Units and a set of essential accessories are included, making this order an extensive and well-rounded delivery.


This recent order further cements the enduring and reliable partnership between Cometto and the Naval Group. In the past, Cometto has already delivered three 2-axle versions of their Eco1000 product line. These self-propelled units distinguish themselves by their compact structure, with the Power Pack ingeniously situated beneath the loading platform. This design makes them the perfect tool for constrained workspaces where maneuvering space is at a premium.


Intriguingly, Cometto offers a trio of distinct Powerpack technologies within the Eco1000 range: diesel, hybrid (a rarity in the market), and electric. For this particular endeavor, the Naval Group opted for the electric variant, underscoring their commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions.

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