LASO Transportes choses Goldhofer

Portuguese special transport company LASO Transportes SA has relied on Goldhofer’s THP/SL heavy-duty modules to complete the transport of a 70m long and nearly 300 t heavy power plant component from Vale de Cambra to the port of Leca da Palmeira located 60km away. To ensure the safe delivery of this huge metal component (70m x 5.6m x 5.3m) through narrow curves, crossings, and roundabouts, LASO transport experts used two six-axle THP/SL heavy-duty modules. Advanced road studies made possible to prepare individual road sections in time for the nightly transport, for example by removing traffic lights, as well as implement escort convoys and police barriers on schedule. The power plant component was transported to the port within two nights for further shipment at the pier.

New premises for Van Beest USA

The manufacturer and supplier of wire rope- and chain accessories with branches Van Beest has moved to a new office and distribution center in Houston to support the industry availability, quality and introducing new products to the North American markets. “The new office and distribution center allows Van Beest to stock five times the amount of inventory than the previous location which translates to an even better service and availability level than ever before.’’ said Chris Keffer, President of Van Beest USA.

New addition to Comansa’s Flat-Top range

The Spanish tower crane manufacturer Comansa has added a new model to its range of large-capacity Flat-Top cranes, the new 21LC1400. This model has an 85 m jib as standard, extendable up to 90 m and a new cage. COMANSA’s most recent developments in the 21LC family will feature a modular design counterjib, a new single and compact trolley-hook and a the new CUBE cab as standard. COMANSA also announces the addition of “Quick Set”, exhibited in Bauma, an electronic limitation system that reduces the set-up time of the cranes from 3 hours to 45 minutes. This technology will also reduce the number of staff required during this operation. The new model is expected to be used mainly in infrastructure and PPVC (Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction) projects.

100th jack-up for ALE’s Mega Jack 300

ALE’s Mega Jack 300 completed its 100th jack-up on the Al-Zafour refinery project in Kuwait, which is expected to become one of the largest in the world. ALE is providing the full onshore heavylifting solution for the Fluor Daweoo and Hyundai JV’s module strategy, performing the jack-up, transportation and installation of 188 modules.

The Mega Jack 300 was launched last year and with its 300t capacity it is the latest edition to ALE’s Mega Jack fleet. The Al-Zour Oil Refinery is its first operation. The Mega Jack 300 commenced work on the project in 2018 and previous lifts have included the longest and highest module ever jacked-up and installed in Kuwait.

Sarkis Juvelekian, Project Site Manager, explained, “The Mega Jack 300 is an ideal lifting solution for projects like this that need flexibility and speed from onsite equipment. The system is performing well, even in conditions with high utilisation in environments as harsh as Kuwait’s extreme heat and dust.”

The Al-Zour complex is divided into three projects and includes a refinery, liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing facilities, and a petrochemicals complex. The Al-Zour Oil Refinery’s completion is planned for 2020 and it is expected to deliver 615,000 barrels per day.

Collett delivers two 335t transformers

Appointed by Daher Projects GmbH, Collett delivered two 335 t transformers from Cruise Terminal 1 at the Port of Dover to Sellindge Substation, United Kingdom. Once at the Port, the Collett Team discharged the first transformer, lifting it from the hold of the vessel to an awaiting 14 axle SPMT and stooling off for storage portside. The second transformer weighing 335 t was lifted from the vessel directly to their Scheuerle girder bridge trailer. Once safely secured to the 79.5m long trailer, at 10pm the Team made a 30 mile trip from the Port of Dover arriving six and a half hours later at the Sellindge Substation site in Ashford, Kent.

Once at the site, the girder bridge was unable to navigate the site roads due to its 79.5m length as well as ground loading restrictions. The Collet Team had to transfer the cargo from the girder bridge to an awaiting SPMT. Equipped with a power pack module, they utilised a 4-file 10-axle configuration and began the transhipment operations. With mats, supports and beams positioned under the transformer Collett Heavy Lift employed the hydraulic capabilities of the girder bridge, lowering the cargo to the supports and allowing the side decks to be autonomously driven clear. Then, utilising climbing jacks, raised the transformer to a sufficient height allowing the 10-axle 4-file SPMT to be driven underneath. Once jacked down to rest on the SPMT, the Team manoeuvred the 335 Tonne transformer to a temporary plinth before jacking & skidding to final position within the substation at a later date.

Collett followed the same procedure to successfully deliver the second transformer.

Kalmar’s terminal tractors to SDT Livorno

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, will supply a total of 10 terminal tractors to Sintermar Darsena Toscana (SDT), a joint venture between the Grimaldi Group and Terminal Darsena Toscana (TDT), the main container terminal of the Port of Livorno and one of the most important container terminals in Europe. The order, which also includes a Kalmar Complete Care service contract, was booked in Cargotec’s 2019 Q3 order intake and delivery is scheduled for Q4 of 2019.

“One of the main reasons we chose to partner with Kalmar is the excellent level of support offered by the highly skilled local service team based here in Livorno. Terminal tractors are key to our operations, so it is important that we can rely on world-class service expertise to keep them running reliably and efficiently,” explained Giuseppe Palermo, Managing Director of SDT.

Liebherr Reachstacker wins two major tenders in Central and South America.

Liebherr has won two major reach stacker tender in Central and South America. Firstly, EMPORNAC Guatemala has awarded Liebherr a contract to supply and service 20 Toplift Reachstackers as the winner of an international tender, taking into account the fuel consumption and driving comfort. The first units for EMPORNAC were handed over and commissioned in August 2019. SAAM, one of the most important Latin American Terminal Operator has also awarded the international tender of 28 units of reachstackers for their Terminals in Chile, Ecuador and USA for the years 2019/2020, to Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock.
The Liebherr LRS 545 was introduced in 2016 and has an ability to safe up to 30-40% fuel, even without applying any hybrid technologies.

Mammoet Germany receives BSK Award 2019

Mammoet Germany wins the BSK Award for Best Crane Work of the year in 2019. Mammoet was chosen based on the safe and timely completion and planning of heavy lifts executed for the installation of the world’s largest land-based heavy-duty gantry crane, the TCC 78000, at the Liebherr plant in Rostock. This was completed on behalf of Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH. Components weighing up to 430 Te had to be lifted to heights of up to 105 m, and Mammoet was able to develop a solution using tandem and three-crane lifts to accommodate this. The heavy lift specialist completed the lifts even when the work was made challenging due to changing weather conditions and occasional sudden wind peaks.

BSK Award: The Federal Specialist Group for Heavy Transport and Crane Work (BSK) awards an annual prize for the best performance in the areas of heavy transport, crane work and assembly. A jury of experts evaluate the submissions with regards to the quality of the submission documents, the degree of difficulty of the task and the solution to any challenges that may be incurred.

Photo: Gernot Öder, Manager Crane and Transport Projects, Engineering & Project Management at Mammoet Germany holds the BSK Award for the best “Crane Work of the Year 2019” in his hands.

IntraLog Poland 2020

3-5 March 2020 International Intralogistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Exhibition PTAK WARSAW EXPO, Al. Katowicka 62 Nadarzyn, Poland

International Fair IntraLog Poland is a new business show dedicated to internal logistics, new technologies in supply chain managements and security in warehouse. For the first time, exhibitors will have an opportunity to enable proffesionals involved in intralogitics to get acquainted with the new market novelties that covers management of warehouse space. It is important to seeking out new solutions and to keep up with changing trends and to make the porcesses in internal logistics more flexible. The lack of a comprehensive domestic platform for suppliers and service providers in intralogistics theme prompted us to organize new show in Poland.

Every sector who expects fast order processing while minimizing costs will have the opportunity to present its products to end users.

Poland currently occupies a high 3rd place in Europe in rented warehouse space. It is estimated that the storage volume in Poland reaches 16 million sq m, and only in the first half of 2019 new 600,000 sq m were added for market.

The fair will be staged along with International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Materials WARSAW PACK 2020. The combination of these two events as and ideal complement is and excellent opportunity to exchange expieriences, solutions and to establish new valuable business relationships.

ALE tests world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine

ALE has recently used its expertise in heavylifting operations and helped GE to unveil and test world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine, the Haliade-X 12 MW, capable of powering 16,000 European households. Featuring the world’s longest blades, it has a rotor span of 260m.

Transportation of the first Haliade-X 12 MW nacelle took place at its factory in Saint-Nazaire, France. It was moved via SPMT approximately 200m, from the factory in which it was manufactured to the yard. Two nacelles in total were transported by ALE and then loaded onto barges for shipment to Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Blyth, UK. Here, each nacelle will form part of a test installation – one on land, one at sea. The weight of the nacelles was borne by 32 axle lines of SPMT in a 16 x 4 file configuration.

ALE has also completed lift operations to test the yokes that are used to install the Haliade-X 12 MW blades at sea. The yokes – known as Blade Eagles – are 170t and have dimensions of 32m x 10.5m x 14m. To perform this testing, ALE provided a 150t-capacity LR1600 crane and a load cell in slings.

This testing lasted for three days in total, following which the blades were placed back into support frames and the Blade Eagles placed on the quay for later collection by a vessel.The Blade Eagle yokes will be used for all offshore installations of the Haliade-X 12 MW. The turbine as a whole will undergo testing with an aim of mid-2021 for its first commercial production.