New Terex Trucks dealer for the Benelux region

Terex Trucks have appointed Matermaco Group as the new official dealer in the Benelux region (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). After supplying and servicing Terex Trucks’ articulated haulers at its Algerian dealership for many years, the Group now also sells, rents and services the TA300 and TA400 articulated haulers from its two locations in Belgium. The TA300 has a maximum payload of 28 tonnes (30.9 tons) and is dedicated for infrastructure developments, commercial construction projects and quarries. The largest articulated hauler on offer from Terex Trucks, the TA400, has a maximum payload of 38 tonnes (41.9 tons), heaped capacity of 23.3 m3 and is designed for large-scale construction projects, quarries and mines.

Photo: Guy Wilson, Global Sales Director at Terex Trucks, and Benoit Strauven, CEO of the Matermaco Group, signing the dealer agreement.

Kuenz wins order for two tankhouse cranes in Russia

The Russian company Kyshtym Electrolytic Copper Plant has awarded Kuenz with a delivery of two brand new tankhouse cranes for its new Electro Refinery in Kyshtym, Russia. The both cranes will be equipped with a sophisticated crane control system for fully automated anode and cathode handling, in single and double lift mode operation. The cranes will have a lifting capacity of 28 ton on the bale and 16,05 m rail gauge. The delivery is previewed for Q3/2020.

Liebherr opens a new subsidiary in Hamburg

The new Liebherr sales and service centre has just opened in the Kuhwerder Harbour in Hamburg. Covering an area of 44,000 square meters, this new structure benefits from simplified access to highways, railways, the public transport network and direct water access via three quays.

The new structure is responsible for supporting mobile harbour, ship and offshore cranes as well as construction machinery. “We are investing in a location which offers long-term potential for growth in several directions. Due to the logistic requirements, the harbour in Hamburg is our central hub for rental and buy-back machines, as well as for all kinds of repairs for the European area,” says Jörg Schmidt, Managing Director of Liebherr-MCCtec Vertriebs- und Service GmbH.

Goldhofer at JDL EXPO 2019

At this year’s JDL EXPO 2019 in Beaune, France, Goldhofer is presenting the SPZ-L 4 (305) flatbed semi-trailer tailored for transporting crane ballast, jibs and booms and heavy accessories. It can be also used to transport compact concrete beams and steel girders, vessels as well as other general cargos.

“The flatbed semi-trailer has a deck length of about 12.4 meters and is therefore the perfect choice for compact payloads such as crane ballast and counterweights. Its pneumatic suspension reduces the impacts on the cargo as well as on the vehicle and road surface. With a maximum steering angle of 48 degrees, the turntable steering offers outstanding maneuverability, so that even the narrowest construction site entrance can be handled with ease,” said Goldhofer.

New Demag all terrain crane for Czech crane service provider

Czech crane service provider Radek Malina has taken a delivery of a new Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane.

“The main reasons we decided on the AC 100-4L were its 60-meter-long main boom and its compact design. With a width of 2.55 meters and 16.00-size tires, it’s simply perfect for work in tight indoor spaces, where its excellent performance characteristics and large lifting capacities under all operating conditions make it shine,” explained owner and General Manager Radek Malina.

The new crane was picked up from authorized distributor ISOS Trade in Brno and was handed over by Demag Sales Manager Andreas Schramm.

Left to right: Peter Lesko (Radek Malina), Oldrich Shromadzil (ISOS Trade), Andreas Schramm (Demag Mobile Cranes), Radek Malina & Nela Jaklova (Radek Malina), and Marek Shromadzil (ISOS Trade).

Fagioli installs Syncrolift platform in Genova

Fagioli has recently completed the final installation of a Syncrolift platform in Genova. Platform dimensions were the followings: length 84m, width 22m, height 2m. The 900t structure was transported from manufacturing area in Brindisi onto a dedicated barge by means of 4 x 10 axle lines SPMTs and sea transported up to Genova port. According to Fagioli, the most challenging part of the job was the load in operation of the platform. SPMTs configuration was changed twice in order to allow the structure to be loaded onto the quay. First the platform was moved ahead with the trailers positioned on the bow of the barge keeping the weight on the SPMTs positioned on the stern. The SPMTs were re-configured in order to move the platform in parallel to the barge axis. The platform was unloaded from barge and laid onto dedicated stools. No. 4 EZ-600  +  No. 4 Enerpac SBL1100 gantry lifting systems were used to connect the platform and execute the lowering operation and complete the installation. Fagioli engineering department was also involved for the operations of ballasting, lashing, securing and mooring.

Duncan Salt appointed new CEO of Wolffkran

Duncan Salt, the former Head of Sales and Service, is the new CEO of Wolffkran. He replaces Peter Schiefer, who has held this position since 2005. He will retain his position as Delegate of the Board of Directors and should focus on the development strategy. Peter Schiefer handed over his position as CEO on August 1, 2019.

Duncan Salt joined Woffkran in 2015 to lead the international sales team. In January 2017 he was promoted to take overall responsibility for Sales & Service alongside a position on the Executive Management Board.

“My goal is to drive the symbiosis between lifting services and crane technology. We are uniquely placed at Wolffkran and through a greater emphasis on our common goals we will position Wolffkran at the forefront of our industry setting benchmarks in service, quality and innovation, ” said Duncan Salt.

Faymonville unveils the new VarioMAX Plus

The Belgian manufacturer Faymonville has just completed the development of its VarioMAX Plus low-bed trailers. This vehicle has a payload capacity of up to 105 t (12 t per axle) and is dedicated to the transport of heavy construction machines, as well as mobile crushing equipment and transformers.

The VarioMAX Plus incorporates Faymonville’s ‘Joker axle’ technology. “This allows for a 1-axle bogie to be integrated either behind the gooseneck or the low bed when a higher payload needs to be moved. In this respect, the user can choose between one or two intersections in his combination,” explains Rainer Noe, product manager at Faymonville.

The VarioMAX Plus benefits from the advantages of the previous VarioMAX and CombiMAX systems.

Manitowoc unveils new Potain topless crane

Manitowoc has recently launched the Potain MCT 325, further expanding its MCT range of topless cranes. The company unveiled the new crane during a special event at Manitowoc’s factory in Zhangjiagang, China on August 29.

Available in two versions, the MCT 325 offers jib length configurations from 40m up to 75m, in increments of 5m. At its 75m jib end, the MCT 325 can handle 2.5t for the 12t version and 2.3t for the 16t version. According to Manitowoc, on a well-prepared site, the MCT 325 can be setup within 1.5 days, with the complete jib and counter-jib erected in four lifts.

The MCT 325 is designed to work with the 2 m x 2 m L68 and L69 mast systems and can be utilized with fixing angles in a regular high-rise construction; in an internal climbing configuration; or mounted on a chassis in order to provide maximum versatility. The crane also features a new square design of the crane’s counterjib. To ensure easier assembly on site, the complete jib and counter-jib can be erected in two lifts each. There are also dedicated sling points on the counter jib and transport brackets on the jib to facilitate easier loading into the crane’s compact transport configuration.

The cranes are available with a variety of options for the hoisting, slewing and trolley mechanisms. The 12t version comes with the standard 75 LVFC 30 winch or the option to upgrade to the 75 HPL 30. The 75 LVFC 30, a 55 kW-rated hoist, offers a rope capacity of 766 m and can lift 1.5 t at up to 114 m/min. The 16 t version comes with the standard 75 LVFC 40 or there’s the option to upgrade to the 75 HPL 40 or 100 LVF 40. The 75 LVFC 40, a 55 kW-rated hoist, offers a rope capacity of 637 m and can lift 2 t at up 90 m/min. The winches are available with a safety brake option. 

Deliveries of the Potain MCT 325 will begin in September and the crane will be sold across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Russia and the CIS countries. 

ALE ensures mining vessel engine replacement

De Beers has turned to ALE to ensure the removal and replacement of two engines on its Debmar Pacific mining vessel. Since 2002 diamond operations in Namibia have taken place in larger volume offshore than onshore, so its very important that mining vessel availability remains high.

Prior to the lift operation ALE installed two custom-designed gantries on either side of the vessel, parallel with the floor of its engine rooms. These gantries were enlarged at the client’s request, in order to provide better access to the engines.

One by one, each engine was then jacked-up to a height of approximately 1m, using four 60t jacks. A medium skid track measuring 25m was then laid, from a position underneath the engine to the custom-designed gantry at the vessel’s exterior.

Each 38t GE engine was then skidded the length of this track, where it was uplifted using a 400t crawler crane and set down in a nearby storage area. This procedure was completed in reverse in order to install both 80t Wartsilla engines.

As time in port at Cape Town was limited to just a few weeks, several other similar procedures were taking place at the same time, meaning this work had to take place under strict space limitations.