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Herrenknecht Employs Eco1000 Self-Propelled Vehicle from Cometto

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Herrenknecht has enhanced its fleet with the addition of the Eco1000 self-propelled vehicle from Cometto. This vehicle is specifically designed for transporting individual parts required for Herrenknecht’s tunnel boring machines within their facilities. With seamless integration into their work processes, the 6-axis Eco1000 proves to be an ideal solution for the in-plant movement of components weighing up to 200 tons.


The Eco1000’s capabilities enable the transport of extremely heavy elements without the need for cranes. Boasting a payload capacity of 260 tons and advanced electronic steering, the vehicle allows for efficient and crane-free transportation. Its high axle compensation of 700 millimeters enables the vehicle to drive under the load, pick it up, and safely set it down at the desired location.


To prioritize service and support, Herrenknecht has implemented a remote maintenance system in the Eco1000. This innovative technology allows for the retrieval of operating parameters remotely, ensuring prompt assistance to customers in case of any malfunctions. 

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