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The Cometto Eco1000 Transforms Nordmark’s In-Plant Transport Operations

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In the bustling realm of in-plant logistics, the Nordmark company in Cuxhaven has found an indispensable ally in the form of the new 2-axle Cometto Eco1000. This self-propelled vehicle has swiftly become a linchpin for Nordmark’s transport processes, facilitating the movement of components weighing up to 80 tonnes with unparalleled simplicity and efficiency.

Dennis Schröder, a logistics employee at Nordmark, emphasizes the Eco1000’s significance, stating, “This self-propelled vehicle is the indispensable universal tool within the transport chain.” The components, crucial to Nordmark’s role as a key supplier to the wind power industry, are seamlessly transported from the warehouse to mechanical processing and beyond – even to end customers.

What sets the Cometto Eco1000 apart is not just its capability to handle substantial loads but also the ease with which it is operated. The radio remote control ensures a quick learning curve for operators. Joachim Kolb, Cometto Sales Manager, highlights that the vehicle is delivered ‘ready-to-play,’ and its impressive 700-millimeter axle compensation allows for loading and unloading without the need for a crane.


Kolb adds, “The electronically steered self-propelled vehicle drives under the load, picks it up, moves it, and sets it down again somewhere else – everything runs like clockwork.” This streamlined process exemplifies the efficiency that Nordmark benefits from in their day-to-day operations.

The Nordmark Group, with facilities in Saeby and Skagen in Denmark, in addition to Cuxhaven in Germany, is a significant player in the wind power industry. Specializing in rotor hubs, nacelles, machine supports, and bearing housings, Nordmark is a technologically advanced company rooted in North Jutland, excelling in the mechanical processing of large, machine-made workpieces.

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