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Cometto Introduces Hybrid and Electric Power Packs for Emission-Free SPMTs

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In recent years, the push for sustainable transportation solutions has gained significant momentum, prompting industries to seek alternatives to traditional diesel-powered vehicles. Cometto has been at the forefront of this shift, offering innovative solutions to meet evolving environmental regulations and customer demands.

One of Cometto’s groundbreaking developments is the electric Power Pack, which enables emission-free driving for smaller heavy load transport vehicles. This technology, incorporated into Cometto’s EMT and Eco1000/1500 product series, has revolutionized the industry by providing a cleaner and more sustainable option for transportation tasks.


As regulatory standards continue to tighten, particularly concerning modular self-propelled vehicles, Cometto has responded with a new, future-oriented solution for Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). This advancement addresses the challenges faced by customers who must adhere to increasingly strict regulations within their facilities.

Joachim Kolb, Cometto’s Sales Manager, highlights the feedback received from customers regarding these challenges. “Our customers are reporting that they encounter stringent regulations related to in-plant tasks,” Kolb explains. “For instance, employees are required to evacuate factory buildings when a diesel-powered SPMT arrives to pick up a load, resulting in production efficiency losses.”

To mitigate these challenges, Cometto has introduced hybrid Power Packs for its modular heavy load range. This innovation allows vehicles to enter factory buildings propelled by electricity, eliminating the need for employee evacuation. Fabrizio Lippi, Technical Director at Cometto, elaborates on the system’s flexibility, noting that drivers can switch to diesel drive for longer distances while ensuring compliance with emission standards.

Moreover, Cometto now offers a fully electric Power Pack Unit for SPMT applications, further expanding its range of sustainable transportation solutions. Leveraging their expertise in hybrid and electric technologies, Cometto can customize the electric drive to suit the specific needs of each customer, offering various battery set sizes for optimal performance.

These advancements are compatible with Cometto’s full electronically steered portfolio, including the SPMT series and the ModulMAX series. With electronically steered options available in different widths and axle line loads, customers have access to a comprehensive range of emission-free transport solutions tailored to their requirements.

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