Record vaccine transportation for AirBridgeCargo

One of the leading global carriers of pharmaceuticals by air, AirBridgeCargo airlines (ABC), have recently completed a record delivery of 27 RKN Envirotainer containers onboard a single flight for one of their global partners, Kuehne+Nagel Italy. All 27 active containers with urgent vaccine product were delivered to the ground handling company ALHA, Milan ready to ‘load and go’ onboard of the AirBridgeCargo’s Boeing 747-8F services to hub in Moscow with further connection to Beijing, China in the same day.

Kalmar’s terminal tractors to SDT Livorno

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, will supply a total of 10 terminal tractors to Sintermar Darsena Toscana (SDT), a joint venture between the Grimaldi Group and Terminal Darsena Toscana (TDT), the main container terminal of the Port of Livorno and one of the most important container terminals in Europe. The order, which also includes a Kalmar Complete Care service contract, was booked in Cargotec’s 2019 Q3 order intake and delivery is scheduled for Q4 of 2019.

“One of the main reasons we chose to partner with Kalmar is the excellent level of support offered by the highly skilled local service team based here in Livorno. Terminal tractors are key to our operations, so it is important that we can rely on world-class service expertise to keep them running reliably and efficiently,” explained Giuseppe Palermo, Managing Director of SDT.

Two topless tower cranes over a historic district of Florence

Two topless tower cranes: a Raimondi MRT159 (equipped with the Deluxe R126 cabin) and a Raimondi MRT84, were erected by the Official Raimondi Cranes agent, Assistedile Srl., in a historic district of Florence in Italy. These two machines are used in the construction of a new luxury hospitality property, as well as the renovation and restoration of the San Paolo Apostolo church and convent, more commonly known as San Paolino. The cranes should stay onsite for approximately 16 months.

“We were pleased to take part in this important project in such a revered district in Florence. It required intense jobsite preparation as both cranes – positioned on embedded elements – had to meet strict provisions set by the archaeological superintendents that are put in place to protect the country’s historic structures and sites,” said Luciano Friso, Managing Director, Assistedile.

Fagioli installs Syncrolift platform in Genova

Fagioli has recently completed the final installation of a Syncrolift platform in Genova. Platform dimensions were the followings: length 84m, width 22m, height 2m. The 900t structure was transported from manufacturing area in Brindisi onto a dedicated barge by means of 4 x 10 axle lines SPMTs and sea transported up to Genova port. According to Fagioli, the most challenging part of the job was the load in operation of the platform. SPMTs configuration was changed twice in order to allow the structure to be loaded onto the quay. First the platform was moved ahead with the trailers positioned on the bow of the barge keeping the weight on the SPMTs positioned on the stern. The SPMTs were re-configured in order to move the platform in parallel to the barge axis. The platform was unloaded from barge and laid onto dedicated stools. No. 4 EZ-600  +  No. 4 Enerpac SBL1100 gantry lifting systems were used to connect the platform and execute the lowering operation and complete the installation. Fagioli engineering department was also involved for the operations of ballasting, lashing, securing and mooring.

Ale contracted to lengthen a cruise ship in Palermo, Italy

Ale has been tasked to lengthen the Grimaldi Roma cruise ship in Palermo, Italy. To install the new section, weighing around 2,540 t, Ale deployed skid shoes varying from 500 t – 1,000 t capacity, along with 96 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 4 x 2 file 24. The new section was transported by SPMT’s, while the ship cut section, weighing around 10,500 t was skidded across skid tracks so the new section could be installed. The ship originally measured 225 m and once the new section was installed another 30 m was added onto the ship.
Ale has been contracted to lengthen two cruise ships, the Grimaldi Roma and Barcellona. The project started in late 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of June 2019.

PM Oil & Steel Group S.p.A will present several innovations at Bauma

At Bauma several new products will be unveiled by PM Oil & Steel SpA, including new models of the light crane range from 8 to 12 t / m and a new crane in its Heavy range, the PM 50.5, with a capacity of 50 t / m. The manufacturer will also unveil two new radio control systems. Oil & Steel will offer various new platforms that can be mounted on Isuzu and Iveco trucks, as well a new model on Ford pick-ups. The new “green economy” battery-powered Octopus spider lift is also planned. Finally, Valla will feature its range of mini-cranes, offering the possibility of being controlled remotely.
The Italian PM Oil & Steel SpA Group brings together the manufacturer of hydraulic truck cranes PM, Oil & Steel for aerial platforms and Manitex Valla, who designs industrial cranes.


By Roberta Simkovicova

Multitel Pagliero organizes its 2019 dealer meeting

The Italian truck mounted and spider lift manufacturer Multitel Pagliero held its European dealer meeting this week in Saluzzo, Italy. All the dealers attended this meeting where the company shared the record results in terms of production volumes, order intake and sales results since its foundation in 1911. All the brand’s new models were introduced and tested by the dealers who were then able to visit the production plant.

P&O Ferrymasters launches new intermodal services

Logistics solutions provider P&O Ferrymasters has recently launched the new intermodal services from the Turkish ports of Pendik, Ambarli and Mersin to the Free Port of Trieste in Italy. The new services will have departures six times a week in both directions and will be connected with rail links from the port of Trieste to P&O Ferries’ continental hubs at Rotterdam and Zeebrugge.

P&O Ferrymasters’ customers will be supported by one of the company’s local customs experts in Turkey to help facilitate the import and export of goods to and from the country. It will be possible to transport hazardous cargoes with a load of up to 25 tons.

Wim Blomme, Intermodal Director at P&O Ferrymasters, said: “We are continuing to expand the reach of our services into Eastern Europe and Asia, to where many customers have moved their centres of production. This new link between Turkey and our European network will give them certainly on transit times and reduce their transport costs because of the partnerships we have put in place.”