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CLP’s LG062-0505 Hydraulic Gantry in Action at Borgo San Dalmazzo

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Il Parmense Trasporti, a company located in Parma, Italy, recently completed a challenging task of installing a 28-ton glass bottle production machine in a cramped space below ground level with limited space and fixed height obstacles. The team meticulously planned the installation, including the creation of custom accessories for safe execution. Each step required careful planning and a thorough understanding of the machine and lifting equipment. 

CLP’s LG062 hydraulic gantry was used, capable of lifting 60 tons to a height of 5 meters. Its compact size and lightweight make it suitable for tight spaces, unlike larger gantries with a maximum capacity of 1,000 tons and height of 13 meters. Ilariuzzi, one of the owners of Il Parmense, chose the LG062 for its combination of lifting power and compact size, reflecting his years of experience.


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