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Gaussin’s H2 Racing Truck on world tour

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Gaussin has announced the world tour of its H2 Racing Truck, the world’s first hydrogen-powered truck, which completed the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia in January 2022. The H2 Racing Truck will make stops in several European countries starting in March, before crossing the Atlantic to be exhibited throughout the United States in April.  “The interest in our truck is enormous, from journalists, public authorities, connoisseurs of the challenges of the energy transition, and above all from many industry players, enthralled by our technology“, says Christophe Gaussin, CEO of the Gaussin Group.

The H2 Racing truck is going to land first in Genoa, Italy’s largest port and then continue through France with final destination in Zeebruge, Belgium. The truck will then cross the Atlantic to be displayed in the United States, where it will serve as a technological showcase for Gaussin. It will be in Baltimore near Washington at the end of April and in Los Angeles from May 9-12. The H2 Racing Truck will travel the country from coast to coast and should pass through Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas and finally the legendary Route 66. The truck will continue its international journey, including a stop in Vancouver, Canada. This tour promises to be an opportunity for the Group to strengthen its partnerships with American industry players, with the aim of signing new licensing agreements. 

The H2 Racing Truck, the 100% hydrogen and electric racing truck, performed a successful showcase at the 2022 Dakar Rally. It ran from the Red Sea, in Jeddah, through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia traversing to Hail, Al Artawiyah, Al Qaisumah, Riyadh, Al Dawadimi, Wadi Ad Dawasir, Bisha and returning in the final sprint of the race to Jeddah, where it all began. The team for the H2 Racing Truck consisted of a crew driven by a Dakar winner, Philippe Jacquot pilot, and included Christophe Gaussin, CEO of Gaussin, as racing team manager. This heavy class 8 truck was entered in the experimental category of the Dakar 2022 for new clean energies. It was designed for extreme environments and was intended to demonstrate the performance and reliability of the hydrogen-electric motorization developed by Gaussin. 

Unlike the solutions currently available on the market, the implementation of the hydrogen system has been developed on the basis of an ultra-light chassis, designed around the hydrogen and electric powertrain and based on the modular skateboard launched last April by Gaussin. It is the precursor of Gaussin’s new range of 100% hydrogen and electric road trucks, designed by Pininfarina, which will be marketed this year and of which it is the first model. While obtaining the truck’s registration to drive on European roads was a first success, the H2 Racing Truck’s successful run in the Dakar Rally is an undeniable highlight for attracting new partners and customers on the market. Winning new licensing agreements is one of Gaussin’s stated objectives in the context of its participation in the Dakar, and several promising relationships have been established during the race.

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