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Liebherr’s Electric Cranes Boost Italy’s Port Efficiency

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Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. recently celebrated the delivery of four electric rubber tyre gantry cranes (ERTG) to esteemed customers in Italy, marking a significant milestone in the region’s port infrastructure development.

Among the recipients, Salerno Container Terminal (SCT), under the Gallozzi Group’s management, received one ERTG, while Consorzio Napoletano Terminal Containers, Naples (Conateco), a subsidiary of MSC, welcomed three of these advanced cranes. Delivered over the past weeks, these ERTGs promise to enhance container handling efficiency, bolstering the economies of Southern Italy and beyond.


Notably, the ERTG deployed at SCT boasts an impressive capacity, capable of managing container stacks ten wide and six high, making it one of the largest RTGs supplied by Liebherr. Similarly, the three ERTGs at Naples feature a hybrid powertrain, blending diesel and electricity via a cable reeling drum. This innovative system ensures emission-free operations when connected to the grid and delivers significant energy savings through onboard power regeneration.

Central to these projects is a shared commitment to sustainability. Salerno Container Terminal, Conateco, and Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. prioritize sustainability through comprehensive policies and commitments, aligning with the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights. Together, they aim to foster resilient and sustainable supply chains, driving towards a net-zero future.


Liebherr’s local partner, Macport, has played a vital role in supporting Italy’s maritime industry, facilitating the sales and service of Liebherr cranes. Leveraging Liebherr’s expertise, these RTGs are poised to optimize operations, increase cargo handling capacity, and contribute to the economic prosperity of the local communities.

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