100th jack-up for ALE’s Mega Jack 300

ALE’s Mega Jack 300 completed its 100th jack-up on the Al-Zafour refinery project in Kuwait, which is expected to become one of the largest in the world. ALE is providing the full onshore heavylifting solution for the Fluor Daweoo and Hyundai JV’s module strategy, performing the jack-up, transportation and installation of 188 modules.

The Mega Jack 300 was launched last year and with its 300t capacity it is the latest edition to ALE’s Mega Jack fleet. The Al-Zour Oil Refinery is its first operation. The Mega Jack 300 commenced work on the project in 2018 and previous lifts have included the longest and highest module ever jacked-up and installed in Kuwait.

Sarkis Juvelekian, Project Site Manager, explained, “The Mega Jack 300 is an ideal lifting solution for projects like this that need flexibility and speed from onsite equipment. The system is performing well, even in conditions with high utilisation in environments as harsh as Kuwait’s extreme heat and dust.”

The Al-Zour complex is divided into three projects and includes a refinery, liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing facilities, and a petrochemicals complex. The Al-Zour Oil Refinery’s completion is planned for 2020 and it is expected to deliver 615,000 barrels per day.

Modulift Spreader Beams now for use in subsea

To meet customer demands within the subsea industry and as part of the company’s innovative new product development strategy, Modulift has made changes to their standard range of Modular Spreader Beams so that they can now be used in water up to a depth of 150 mtrs. The main benefits of this improved product, which still has the modular design, is that now it can be used onshore, offshore and subsea with no need for additional Spreader Beams. Available in a series of four MOD 70, MOD 110, MOD 250 and MOD 400 there are three applications per product: 50m, 100m and 150m.

“Our standard spreader beam is highly efficient owing to their shape. This makes them perfect for subsea application as circular shape minimizes the water drag and maximizes the buoyancy which is an ideal requirement,” said Sue Spencer, Modulift’s technical director.

Enerpac expands hydraulic gantry lifting options

Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology has expanded the hydraulic gantry lifting options for industrial movers. In addition to fixed lifting lugs, it now offers modular electric powered, header beam side shift units for its entire telescopic gantry range from the SL100 through SBL1100. The modular side shift units allow gantry users to customise the ‘below the hook’ distance to suit header beam dimensions and project requirements. According to Enerpac it also requires less space above the header beam compared to hydraulic powered side shift units.

Controls for the electric side shift are integrated within the gantry base units and wireless control system. The side shifts are available with extension bars and sling guides providing more lifting options. 

The Enerpac powered side shift can also be used on other manufacturer’s gantry systems and fixed beam lifting and hoist systems by using a stand-alone electrical panel with pendant control.