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Schmidbauer Enhances Fleet with Enerpac SBL600 Gantry 

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German heavy lift and logistics contractor Schmidbauer has added an Enerpac SBL600 hydraulic gantry to its fleet for the SuedOstLink power infrastructure project. This project involves handling nearly 50,000 tons of cable, crucial for transmitting green electricity from Mecklenburg–Western Pomerania to Bavaria.

Schmidbauer will manage the handling and storage of approximately 520 cable drums, each weighing 95 tons, over the next four years. The Enerpac SBL600 gantry will lift and position the cable reels onto Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) for delivery to installation sites. Its side shift capability ensures efficient handling and placement of the reels.

Photo 1 Enerpac Schmidbauer Experience day hengelo handshake low res

The SBL600, Schmidbauer’s first hydraulic gantry, features a lifting capacity of 612 metric tons and a maximum height of 10.6 meters. It includes electric-powered, side shift units integrated with wireless controls, optimizing the lifting process and reducing space requirements.

Philipp Verges, Schmidbauer’s Sales Manager for Global Projects, praised the gantry’s ease of deployment and transportability. The gantry can be transported using standard containers via road, rail, and sea, enhancing its versatility for global projects.

The foldable boom design of the SBL600 allows for transport on standard flatbed trucks, cutting deployment and setup costs. This makes the Enerpac SBL600 a valuable asset for Schmidbauer’s heavy lift operations.

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