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Modulift Spreader Beam Enhances Crane Calibration Success

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In a recent undertaking in the northeast of England, a Modulift spreader beam played a pivotal role in facilitating a lift for a prominent national ship repair company. The primary objective of this lifting project was the recalibration of a vessel crane, for which Modulift’s MOD110H Spreader Beam with a 2.5m Equalized Working Load (EWL) was employed. This specific spreader beam offered essential support and stability crucial for the precise crane calibration process.

To ensure the accuracy of the crane calibration, the lift incorporated modular, interlocking test weights sourced from Test & Lift Engineering Services. These weights, coupled with a specialized test weight cradle, securely anchored the weights in place. This meticulous approach not only upheld the lift’s integrity but also adhered to stringent safety standards.


Andy Clark, Director at Test & Lift Engineering Services, commented, “The crane underwent calibration across various loads, reaching up to 140,000kg. This comprehensive calibration, spanning several days, underscores the precision and attention to detail required for the successful culmination of the project.” 


Sarah Spivey, Managing Director at Modulift, expressed, “The fruitful collaboration between Modulift, Test & Lift Engineering Services, and the national ship repair company exemplifies the efficacy of advanced lifting solutions in critical industrial operations. The seamless integration of Modulift’s Spreader Beam, coupled with the meticulous implementation of test weights, underscores the commitment to safety, efficiency, and accuracy in lifting operations.”

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