Hyster launches new top lift container handler

Hyster Europe has launched a brand new top lift laden container handler. The new Hyster H40-52XM-16CH series is available with either gantry style carriage or a dedicated carriage, both are equipped with full CANbus control and automatic locking twist locks. The spreader mounted underneath the gantry carriage is connected with four hangers and is available with mechanical pile slope or powered pile slope. Thanks to the powered pile slope, the spreader adapts better to containers on trailers or on uneven ground surfaces. The gantry carriage also allows a large side shift of 400 mm. The dedicated carriage option, an innovation created by Hyster, consists of a spreader mounted on the upper side. Its reduced weight compared to the gantry carriage reduces the front axle loading by approximately 7%. This helps to reduce tyre wear and therefore operating costs.

Designed for port applications, the small footprint of the Hyster H40-52XM-16CH series and its reduced turning radius allows for significant acceleration of container handling operations. In addition, its fuel tank with increased capacity reduces refuelling intervals and downtime. The new container handler stacks up to 6-high and makes first row handling faster in container block stacking applications and when shuttling containers.

“One of the key challenges for ports and terminals continues to be achieving efficiency in the face of growing demand,” explains Chris van Werdt, Product Strategy Manager EMEA Big Trucks of Hyster Europe. “This can be achieved through increased productivity and lowering operating costs, which the new Hyster Laden Container Handler is designed to deliver.”

New port applications for Hyster Europe

The European brand of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling displayed new product and solutions during the TOC Europe trade fair in Rotterdam the last few days. The new Empty Container Handler H11XM-ECD8, with a capacity of 11t, has been designed in order to double handling capabilities for empty containers. with this new machine, the American company also presented their H12XM-6 forklift trucks. During the annual TECH TOC seminar sessions, the Hyster Board revealed their latest development currently in process : an electric motor, powered in the Laden Container Handler. With this engine, « the truck is expected to run on a choice of either a small or medium lithium-ion battery. (..) Once developed, high-voltage electric Big Truck aims to help operations achieve full shift performance comparable to a diesel-powered truck in the future. », as stated the manufacturer. The full article is coming soon in the next issue !