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Lase Awarded Contract to Deliver 30 LaseTLP-ML Systems for Saudi Arabia Project

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Lase, an innovator in laser-based measurement technology, has secured a significant contract to provide 30 LaseTLP-ML systems for an ambitious project in Saudi Arabia. 

The LaseTLP-ML system is designed to precisely track containers and their chassis structures in 3D during the lifting process. This breakthrough technology ensures the safety and efficiency of container handling operations.

Here’s how it works: As the container and its chassis begin to ascend together, the LaseTLP-ML measurement system detects any lifting anomalies in the chassis. If such an event occurs, an immediate alarm signal is sent to the crane’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This real-time alert mechanism enhances operational safety and prevents potential accidents during container lifting.

The LaseTLP-ML system utilizes 64-layer multi-layer scanners, with each crane equipped with its dedicated scanner. This individualized scanner approach ensures accurate and reliable measurements for each crane, optimizing performance and minimizing downtime.

This contract with Lase marks a significant step forward in container handling technology, promising safer and more efficient operations in the challenging environment of Saudi Arabia. The deployment of 30 LaseTLP-ML systems reflects the growing demand for advanced solutions in the field of container lifting and underscores Lase’s commitment to innovation and safety in the industry.

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