Interkran AG receives a new Demag

Swiss rental company Interkran AG, based in Lachau, has taken delivery of its new Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane. It was chosen for its compact design, is 2.55m wide, associated with its capabilities, including the system length of 77m. The crane was delivered by Christian Kassner, Terex Cranes Senior Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This machine will be used to erect tower cranes and as a taxi crane.

“Thanks to the AC 100-4L’s large lifting capacity and new IC-1 Plus control system, we’ll even be able to forego the use of a second crane for certain lifts,” says Tony Teixeira, General Manager of Interkran AG.

From left to right: Sandro Guiomar (Crane operator, Interkran AG) – Reis Joaquim (Crane operator, Interkran AG) – Tony Teixeira (General Manager, Interkran AG) and Christian Kassner (Senior Sales Manager, Terex Cranes)

Mammoet buys its first Demag AC 55-3 all terrain crane

The heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet has taken delivery of its first Demag AC 55-3 all terrain crane. “The main reason why we chose the Demag AC 55-3 is its outstanding lifting capacity. In addition, the AC 55-3 is an extraordinarily robust and reliable crane, as our Dutch colleagues have confirmed,” explained Vitor de Costa, part of Mammoet’s Fleet Maintenance staff, who picked up the crane in Zweibrücken together with crane operator Alexander Morasch and was handed over by Terex Cranes Key Account Senior Sales Manager Uwe Schlicher.

The Demag AC 55-3 will be used at the BASF factory premises in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Photo: From left to right: Vitor da Costa (Fleet maintenance and Repair Manager, Mammoet), Alexander Morasch (Crane Operator, Mammoet), Uwe Schlicher (Key Account Senior Sales Manager, Terex Cranes) and Beatrix Bader (Commercial Operation Coordinator, Terex Cranes).

UAE’s port operator orders a new Demag

Sharjah Seaports Authority, based in the United Arab Emirates, has recently ordered a new Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane through the Terex Cranes distributor Al-Bahar.

“We have chosen the Demag AC 100-4L because of the excellent reputation of this brand, which with the made-in-Germany seal, stands for high quality around the world,” explains Eng Ahmed Bin Ahmed, Marine Engineer and Head of Plant at Sharjah Seaport Authority.

The new crane will operate at the Sharjah Port Khalid.


Photo left to right: Sahil Sharjah (Sales Manager, Terex Cranes), Mr. Eng Ahmed Bin Ahmed (Marine Engineer and Head of Plant, Sharjah Seaports), and Hazem Mousa (Account Manager, Al Bahar)

Könning Autokrane acquired a new Demag AC 160-5 all terrain crane

The German company Könning Autokrane, based in North Rhine-Westphalian land, just expanded its fleet with a new Demag AC 160-5 all terrain crane. The machine has a maximum boom length of 68m and a 160t capacity. The IC-1 Plus control system was one of the crucial factors in Marcel Könning’s purchase decision. The company owner also explained its predominantly Demag machines fleet will be a benefit for them. “A lot of popular spare parts and components, such as runners, are the same for a lot of models, meaning that we need to invest much less in inventory,” explained Marcel Könning.

Tower Cranes NZ receives a new Demag AC 130-5 all terrain crane

The fleet of the New-Zealander rental crane company Tower Cranes NZ has recently enhanced with a new Demag AC 130-5 all terrain crane. This versatile machine with five axle lines has a 130t capacity with a 60m main boom (86,5m of maximum length). The Demag AC 130-5 is configured to be transported and operated efficiently while offering a great handling on job sites. Tower Cranes NZ teams paid tribute to the capacity of the Demag AC 130-5 to work in confined spaces thanks to the IC-1 Plus control system as well as to its flexible and complete transmission.

RRC receives the first Demag AC 300-6 of the United Kingdom

The British premium crane service provider for mobile cranes RRC Cranes Hire Ltd, with Road Rail Cranes Ltd, has just extended its fleet with a new Demag AC 300-6 all terrain crane, unseen in United Kingdom. This 300t model (350 US ton) combined strength with the ability to lift 15t on a full meter boom. “Since adding our first specialized crane in early 2013, we’ve worked hard to build an impeccable reputation for network rail infrastructure,” said Ian Cross, managing director for RRC. “From the very beginning, we knew the company would be successful if we employed highly trained operators and equipped them with quality and innovative equipment. The Demag AC 300-6 all terrain crane exemplifies those standards and will be a great addition as we continue to grow as a company.” In total, RRC Group owns and operates more than 24 Terex and Demag cranes.

Lifting in tandem with two Demag for Goudale

The French brewery Goudale recently called on Action Lev from Calais to install 24 new fermentation tanks in its craft of Arques, in Northern France. The lack of space which reduced the crane’s leeway was a major issue. To solve it, the lifting company used two Demag all-terrain cranes AC 100-4 and AC 160-5, respectively with a 100 and 160t capacity, and lifted in tandem. First, the four axled AC 100-4 with a compact design lifted the lower section of the tanks. Then, the other crane has been installed on a raised concrete floor dedicated to receive the new tanks to put the AC 160-5 at the nearest of their final position. « This ingenious solution let the access corridor available for the 6m convoy and the AC 100-4 positioning », summed up Jean-Christophe Accio, Sales Manager for France of Terex Cranes. Configured with counterweights respectively with 26,1 and 46t of maximum capacity, both Demag enabled the team to install six tanks a day thanks to this combination and finish the task in three days.

The Italian company Officine Dandrea buys four Grove all-terrain cranes

The Officine Dandrea company, located in Basilicate in the south of Italy, has announced the acquisition of four Grove all-terrain cranes of a 45t capacity.

Working mainly in tough and heavily congested petrochemical environments, the company needs machines working at the highest level of performance with the smallest footprint possible. The RT550 E, with its 39m height, 12m length, 2,55m width and 29t weight, « fits our requirements perfectly », stated Giacomo and Nicola Dandrea, owners of the company.

Both units have been delivered in March 2018, the third and the fourth will follow in the next coming months. The operation has been handled by Fimi SpA, Manitowoc’s dealer for Grove mobile cranes in the south of Italy.

Wiemann expands its fleet with a new Demag all terrain crane

Crane service provider Wiemann, based in Dortmund, has expanded its fleet with a new Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane for its location in Gierstädt. This machine, with a capacity of 100 t and a main boom of 60 m (with a boom extension of 19 + 8 m), is one of the most compact cranes in its class. “With a width of only 2.55 meters, the AC 100-4L is the most compact crane in its category, making it ideal for work sites where space is tight,” explaining his purchase decision General Manager Martin Wiemann, who has received the crane together with employees Georg Ruhe and Mario Bley at Terex Cranes in Zweibrücken.

Legend: Left to right: Helge Prüfer (Sales Manager, Terex Cranes), Georg Ruhe (Crane operator, Wiemann), Mario Bley (Technical Field Service, Wiemann), Martin Wiemann (General Manager, Wiemann) and Christian Kassner (Senior Manager Sales, Terex Cranes)

Crane Norway Group expands its fleet with eleven new Demag cranes

The Norwegian transport and lifting services specialist Crane Norway Group has placed an order for ten Demag all terrain cranes – one Demag AC 100-4L, three AC 130-5, two AC 160-5, four    AC 250-5 and a 650-tonne Demag CC 3800-1 crawler crane.

“The Crane Norway Group has shown its continuous support and believes in the Demag line of products by ordering these cranes,” says Crane Norway Group CEO Trond Helge Skretting.

“The Demag CC 3800-1 is the reference in its class. Every single aspect meets our needs, from performance to safety features and from transportation to efficiency and speed of erection,” he adds.