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Wiesbauer opts for new AC 100-4L all terrain crane

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Wiesbauer has added a new AC 100-4L all terrain crane to its fleet. “It’s almost as if the AC 100-4L* had been designed specifically for our jobs in the Stuttgart metropolitan area. With its compact design, it can get to places that are simply out of reach for other cranes,” explained Gerhard Füssinger, the manager of the Wiesbauer branch in Schwaikheim. 

We recently put a new AC 45 City into operation and already had an AC 130-5 in our fleet in Schwaikheim, just to name a few examples. In addition, we also have various Tadano cranes in our fleet. As you know, the two are now part of a single family – and we’ve found that this actually makes a lot of sense,” he added.

When explaining his predilection for the cranes from Zweibrücken, he mentions the fact that his team is thoroughly familiar with the cranes and the IC-1 Plus control system as an important factor. He considers the control system to be one of the big strengths behind the AC 100-4L, as it makes it possible to take full advantage of the maximum available crane lifting capacity even when space is constrained and when using outriggers in an asymmetrical configuration

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