AMCS technologies ensures safety on Chanels expansion project

AMCS technologies’ DCS 61-S anti collision systems equip four Potain tower cranes (MD 285, MD 345 and two MDT 308) required for the construction of the project that expands Chanel’s leatherwork factory in Verneuil-en-Halatte in France.

AMCS technologies also installed manometer sensors on every single crane to measure the wind speed. Each sensor is connected to the anti collision system of the crane on which it is attached, so that the wind speed is displayed in real time on the screen of the DCS 61-S placed in the crane operator cabin.

A job site supervisor, the SUP 61, completes the safety tools installed on this site. This allows to view and record on a computer screen (or tablet) placed in the offices the data relating to the positioning, movements and events of cranes equipped with the DCS 61-S system in real time.

This project is due to completion by the end of 2020 and will increase from 21 000 to 25 000m2

AMCS technologies on a construction site in Abu Dhabi

AMCS technologies DCS 60 anti collision and zoning system equips twenty tower cranes participating in the Las Island project in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Among the twenty machines, there are sixteen Potain MCT205, two MC175 and two Raimondi MRT294.

The DCS 60 operates in real time and in 3-dimensions to calculate the distances between each crane component as well as movement speed. It enables action to be taken on equipped mechanism to ensure complete immobilization of the crane at a pre-set distance from a particular obstacle.

Developed in two phases, the project comprises the Yas Arena, a new place of 18 000 seats dedicated to concerts and sport events as well as more than 50 cafés and restaurants, 20 shops, a cinema, a beach club, and two hotels. The project also includes the Water’s Edge, a large residential project.

Construction work started in December 2017, and one part of the project should be expected at the end of 2019.

SMIE takes crane automation technology a step further

SMIE, manufacturer of anti-collision systems for tower cranes has taken further the crane automation technology. Using their remote 4G system they have been able to connect a Pro-SITE installed tower crane to their simulator system based 300km away. This adaptation requires no hardware modifications to the crane only a viable 3G or 4G connection. Where this is not possible, a WIFI connected system with direct internet connection can be used instead.

Nick Palfrey, Chief Marketing Officer said “For us, this is once again a conceptual exercise in how we as a technology provider can push the envelope. Whilst the technology works and is entirely useable, we are not presenting this as a solution we expect our customers to adopt today. In our view, this is part of a wider set of solutions that we are creating to make jobsites smarter.

Vincent Brach, Technical Director and Industry Expert added “we are achieving transfer rates of less than 100 milliseconds which is substantial and well below the levels of what is required to remotely control a crane. We added a safety feature to put the crane into a safety mode if this margin went above 100 milliseconds.”