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AMCS technologies secures another « Grand Paris Express » project

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In Aulnay-sous-Bois (near Paris) five Wolff 7534.16 as well as three MDT 308 have been equipped with DCS 61-S, anti-collision systems and AMCS technologies zoning. The cranes have been erected for the construction of the operating center for subway lines 16 and 17 of the « Grand Paris Express ». In total, 8 tower cranes, including 1 in travelling, will be necessary for the simultaneous construction of 11 buildings on an area of 20 hectares within 32 months. For this large project, up to 400 workers will be mobilized during peak periods. The DCS 61-S intervenes on the crane control mechanisms to slow down and then completely immobilize the crane at a pre-set distance from the obstacle if a risk of collision is detected. In addition, crane operators have access to all the information they need in real time, thanks to the screen placed in their cab.

This nerve center of future lines 16 and 17 of the « Grand Paris Express » (GPE) will consist of a centralized command post (PCC), responsible for collecting all the data from lines 16 and 17 in real time, coordinating train traffic, and monitoring and regulating traffic; the maintenance and storage site (SMR), where the trains will be received, checked, maintained, repaired and stored; the infrastructure maintenance site (SMI), to guarantee the operating condition of metro equipment (rails, engineering structures, energy distribution, etc.).

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