AMCS Technologies DCS 60 Anti-collision system on the jobsite of the new Vinci headquarters

The DCS 60 anti-collision and zoning system designed by AMCS Technologies was chosen to equip 11 Liebherr and Potain flat-top cranes on the site of the new Vinci headquarters in Nanterre (France). The DCS 60 manages the interferences between the many cranes and acts on their mechanisms to slow them down an to ensure their complete immobilization when there is a risk of collision between two cranes. The SUP 61 supervision tool has also been installed in the offices to monitor the site’s activity in real time. Connected via radio link to the network of the DCS 60 systems, the SUP 61 can display on a single screen the different movements and information of all cranes. It can intervene remotely on the neutralization function of the system selectively but also gives the possibility to activate / deactivate prohibited zones according to hazards and movements on the site.

Sogea-Satom builds a drinking water treatment facility in Uganda

In August, the Vinci group subsidiary Sogea-Satom began working on the construction of a drinking water treatment facility in Katosi, near capital Kampala in Uganda. It includes designing and building a facility which will treat 160 000 cubic meters per day.

Granted by the National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), this jobsite follows sewerage works DN 1400 on 10 km, downstream of this new facility, which has begun in September 2017. These pipes transport the treated water from the facility located in Katosi up to Kampala. Actually mainly powered by the water treatment facility Gbaba, Kampala will count on twice more drinking water at the end of the works.