Sarens unveiled one of the mightiest cranes worldwide !

At the port of Ghent, in Belgium, Sarens has recently presented its new crane SGC-250 with impressive capacities. Being one of the biggest and mightiest cranes in its range, it has a maximum load moment of 250 000 metric tonnes, allowing to lift until 5000t. Even with a radius of 100m, the SGC-250 can lift until 2000t. Its main boom length can be extended from 118 to 160m, and its jib can reach 100m. In total, this combination provides an incredible height of 250m, with a 275m radius ! The crane will be used in 2019 during four years to build the nuclear plant of Hinkey Point C in England.

The first telescopic wind turbine worldwide on the Spanish island of Grand Canaria

As part of the H2020 Elican project, which aims to develop technological innovations for wind infrastructures, the first telescopic wind turbine worldwide is currently in the implementation phase on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, off the northwest African coasts. This new concept uses a floating Ground Based Structure (GBS) and a self-erecting telescopic tower, which can be entirely assembled on land, with the turbine and towed in a conventional manner to the site. It doesn’t need a cumbersome and costly offshore equipment to be erected, which reduces the overall cost of the installation by 30%. All the components of the project (including a Siemens-Gamesa wind turbine of 5MW) are assembled by land in the port, then the turbine is towed in its offshore position by tugs, which is a more efficient and cost-effective manner. The H2020 Elicant project has been partially funded (70%) by the European Commission as part of the three-year Horizon 2020 program. It’s the result of the collaboration of several European partners, leaders in their respective areas such as Esteyco SA (Project leader) Gamesa Eólica, S.L.U., ALE Heavy-Lift (R&D) BV, UL International GMBH and Plocan.