Faymonville acquires German commercial vehicle dealer Stürzer Heavy Trucks

Trailer manufacturer Faymonville Group, headquartered in Luxembourg, has just acquired the commercial vehicle dealer Stürzer Heavy Trucks with effect from 2 January, 2019. According to the constructor, this acquisition represents an expansion of the group’s activities in South Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The newly created Faymonville Trade & Services in Landsberg am Lech will be responsible for the sale of Faymonville, MAX Trailer and Cometto brands as well as heavy-duty tractor units from various manufacturers and different tipper models for the construction sector. All maintenance and repair services will be offered on the 2500 m2 of the Landsberg am Lech site in Bavaria. A range of used vehicles will also be offered.

Goldhofer partners with ALS Logisitic Solutions for the Middle East and Africa

Faced with a recent increase in demand for internal airport logistics in the Middle East and Africa region, the manufacturer of heavy-duty and special transport vehicles Goldhofer has opened a new sales and service center for its Airport Technology division in collaboration with ALS Logistic Solutions on 11 December 2018 in Dubai.

In addition to its sales and service activities of its Airport Technology division, the new location also provides various services for the Transport Technology division in the region. This new sales and service center will be located in the Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai City.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Port of Hamburg create joint venture

The Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (Hyperloop TT / HTT) and the Port of Hamburg operating company, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik Aktiengesellschaft (HHLA), have set up a joint venture. This new structure will focus on integrating the latest innovations in container transport with Hyperloop technology for the port of Hamburg, one of the largest ports in Europe. The goal for the joint venture is to develop and commercialize a new Hyperloop transport system for operations in seaports as well as for domestic transport. A first study will be launched on the connection of a freight system by Hyperloop to connect the HHLA container terminal to the inland container parks. This will strengthen the port’s capacity by reducing congestion in the port area and the city and lowering the port’s carbon footprint. The construction of a transhipment station for testing at the HHLA terminal in Hamburg, including a first 100 meter freight line as well as a special cargo capsule and loading dock, should follow very fast.



The Sitarail project of Bolloré Transport & Logistics awarded by AIFA

At the second edition of Africa Investments Forum & Awards (AIFA), Bolloré Transport & Logistics won the trophy for the best project in “port, airport and railways infrastructure” category. The ceremony was held at the Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris in the presence of Eric Melet, Chief Development Officer of Bolloré Transport & Logistics and CEO of Bolloré Railways. The Sitarail project involves the acquisition of “new rail equipment and complete renovation of the railway between Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso,” as stated in the press release from the company. In total, 600 million euros should be invested, including 250 between 2019 and 2023. The Sitarail project will provide direct or indirect employment and reinforce exchanges between Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Mali.

Sarens orders 92 new Goldhofer axle lines

This outstanding order consists of 68 THP/SL and 24 PST/SL axle lines as well as four 280 PS PowerPacks. It is destined for one of the largest oil projects in the world, in Kazakhstan. Sarens is responsible for the entire logistics from 2017 until 2020 for over € 450 million, the largest contract in the history of the Belgian group.

With a modular design, the THP/SL modules can be configured in all required combinations, while the variable wheelbases and a wide range of accessories enable them to handle loads of varying shapes and sizes. They are also distinguished by their robustness. The PST/SL modules have a tractive force of 160 kN per axle line and are particularly suitable for use in combination with the THP/SL.

The four PowerPacks from Goldhofer provide the necessary propulsion for particularly bulky and heavy plant components.

“Goldhofer was the only heavy-duty module manufacturer who could guarantee punctual delivery of high-grade axle lines in a such a quantity within such a short time. As a result we were able to meet our contractual obligations towards our client, and Goldhofer was able to consolidate its position as a long-serving transport technology partner of the Sarens Group,” said Jan Sarens, Equipment Trade Officer of the Sarens Group.

This order increases the size of its Goldhofer fleet to a total of more than 300 axle lines.

South African P&L extends its fleet with a new 6-axle Faymonville trailer

P&L Machine Moving and Rigging, based in South Africa, has recently added a new 6-axle MultiMAX semi-trailer from Faymonville to its fleet. The fully steerable trailer on hydraulic suspensions is equipped with timber floor, outriggers and hydraulic double ramps, which reduce the drive-on angle for any type of machinery. Thanks to its extendedly loading deck, the MultiMAX  semi-trailer will be used for P&L’s abnormal transport and rigging activity.

“We are looking forward to putting this trailer to work and excited to keep building a strong partnership with Faymonville,” said Gareth Lucas from P&L Machine Moving and Rigging.

Air Partner carries airport equipment from Czech Republic to Libya

The British group Air Partner, supplying global aviation services, has recently completed a cargo flight to transport airport equipment from the Brno-Tuřany airport in Czech Republic to Al Abraq International airport in Libya. The cargo weighing 1,100kgs contained of radio communication equipment, weather stations, antennas, runway lighting equipment for the ongoing work to update Libya’s airport infrastructure. Air Partner successfully arranged a non-stop charter flight on an Antonov An-26. Mike Hill, Director of Freight, Air Partner stated : “we were pleased to complete this important flight as a significant step in the renewal of airport services in eastern Libya.”

In Dubai, Al Faris transports world’s biggest buoy on 16 axle lines of Goldhofer SPMT

The heavy lifting and transport specialist Al Faris has recently completed the loading and transportation of a turret type buoy, one of the biggest and heaviest buoy in the world to be carried on road, from Dubai to Jebel Ali Port. The load, weighing 455t with a 18.3m diameter and 16m height, was transported using 4 files of 16 axles Goldhofer SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter) and was loaded by the self-jacking system of the trailer. The biggest challenge during the transportation was maneuvering the SPMT with the load in narrow routes, bottles necks and sharp turns as well as significant diversions and managing temporary traffic routes.

Launch of the new “Quintero One” capsule of Hyperloop !

On the Spanish site of its aerospace industry partner Hyperloop Airtificial, the company of transport and innovative technology Hyperloop Transportation Technologies just unveiled its new passenger capsule named “Quintero One”. 35m long and weighing 5t, it is almost entirely built with Vibranium. This material (referring to the shield component of Captain America in the Marvel movies !), is a smart composite double layer especially engineered by the company initiated by Elon Musk in 2013. Its design has been elaborated together with Priestman Goode, a consulting agency based in London and China which won the gold medal of the London Design Awards 2017. It will be delivered in the Research and Development Center of Hyperloop in Toulouse, France, to be assembled and integrated to the system, which will enable to transport passengers and goods at very high speed. Dirk Ahlborn, co-founder and CEO of Hyperloop TT, also explained its company’s progress. “Within just five years, we improved and resolved all the issues caused by technology required by Hyperloop with our new levitation system, our vacuum pumps, our batteries and our smart composites. This capsule will be one of the most efficient transport systems ever developed.”

Transmex transports a huge distillation column through Alger

The heavy transport company Transmex, subsidiary of the Sonelgaz Group, has successfully transported a distillation column of refinery products. 42m long and 7m width, it weighed 216t. The entire convoy was 62m long, with a global weight of 400t. The item has been transported thanks to tractors in 8×4 and 6×6 axle combination, as well as SPMT of 26 axle lines, allowing a better load distribution and a greater stability. In Alger city, Transmex received the item in the port before crossing the center to reach the refinery in difficult weather conditions. This performance is a result of long engineering study and route optimisation bypassing all the civil engineering structures during the journey. This heavy unit has been transported for its client DB Schenker within the rehabilitation project of the Alger refinery, whose contracting supervisor is the oil giant Sonatrach. The full article is coming up in the next issue of Move It Magazine.