Engie announces the launch of Kathu Solar Power Plant in South Africa

The French group Engie has just announced the commercial start-up of Kathu’s Concentrated Solar Power Plant (CSP). On approximately 4.5 km2 of site, 384,000 mirrors are equipped with parabolic trough technology that will provide an energy of 100 MW. In addition, a molten salt storage system allows 4.5 hours of thermal energy storage to provide electricity in the absence of solar radiation and during peak demand. The plant will provide environmentally friendly energy to approximately 179,000 South African households.

“The completion of Kathu shows our continued commitment to an economic and environmentally friendly development in South Africa. Kathu with its molten salt storage design offers a clean solution to overcome the intermittency of renewable energies. We are proud to contribute to the country’s renewable energy goals, and look forward to continuing the projects initiated with local communities making Kathu a genuine driver of regional economic development,” said Isabelle Kocher, CEO of Engie.

New regional office for Magna Tyres in South Africa

To cope with its rapid growth in South Africa and neighbouring countries, the Dutch group Magna Tyres has announced the opening of a new regional office in South Africa. “The new Magna Tyres office will play an important role in enhancing the Magna Tyres brand image and strengthen our commitment to all customers in the region,” said Michael de Ruijter, CEO of Magna Tyres.

ZLT ​​Tower Cranes named official agent of Raimondi in 8 African countries

South Africa’s ZLT Tower Cranes Pty Ltd, founded by Roy Cook and Mark Bates, has been named Raimondi Cranes official representative for 8 African countries. ZLT ​​Cranes will be Raimondi’s exclusive distributor for South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, as well as the Republic of Mauritius, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They will propose manufacturer’s luffing and topless cranes as well as its crane accessories.

“We expect that the Raimondi MRT159 in eight and 10 tonne options will be the star of the show across our territories. A combination of factors including the competitive pricing strategy and the varied tower and jib configurations make this machine extremely suitable for many of the region’s biggest operations and jobsites, “said Rob Cook , Director of ZLT Tower Cranes.

South African P&L extends its fleet with a new 6-axle Faymonville trailer

P&L Machine Moving and Rigging, based in South Africa, has recently added a new 6-axle MultiMAX semi-trailer from Faymonville to its fleet. The fully steerable trailer on hydraulic suspensions is equipped with timber floor, outriggers and hydraulic double ramps, which reduce the drive-on angle for any type of machinery. Thanks to its extendedly loading deck, the MultiMAX  semi-trailer will be used for P&L’s abnormal transport and rigging activity.

“We are looking forward to putting this trailer to work and excited to keep building a strong partnership with Faymonville,” said Gareth Lucas from P&L Machine Moving and Rigging.

ALE has successfully loaded, transported and rotated a 100t ship hull in South Africa

The project, which took place in Table Bay Harbor, South Africa, was performed in several stages over three days.The first consisted in loading the hull onto 24 axle lines of self-propelled trailer before transporting it from the fabrication warehouse to the rotation area within the harbour. Then the hull, which was built upside down to reduce the manufacturing time, was rotated 90 degrees by three 220t cranes with an innovative methodology: detach the third crane, replace it on the opposite side, type and complete the rotation.The hull was then transported back on the SPTs to the fabrication warehouse and offloaded using the trailers’ hydraulics.