Two new hydraulic gantries for Enerpac

International high-pressure hydraulics specialist Enerpac (USA) has announced the launch of two new hydraulic gantries. Designed for lifting operations in confined spaces or with limited access, the SL100 and SL200 Super Lift hydraulic gantries have lift capacities ranging from 100 to 200t respectively. They are equipped with two-stage lift cylinders that allow the SL 100 to be raised up to 4,75m and the SL 200 up to 6.7m. In addition, their self-contained hydraulics make their deployment both faster and safer. Each gantry leg is also equipped with self-propelled wheels to move along the track, as well as an Intellilift synchronized control system.


Mammoet used a modular solution on the expansion site of Arcellor Mittal Dofasco steel plant in Canada

The heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet has successfully installed three modules to support a new generator and turbine at the Arcellor Mittal Dofasco steel plant in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. To ensure proper operation, the equipment used had the capacity to move the modules and didn’t wright so much that it overloaded the foundation. Through careful analysis and a close collaboration with module’s designers, Hatch Limited, Mammoet chose the Titan Tower system as the best solution. It was able to disperse the weight of the modules so that with its own weight, it didn’t overload the foundation. All the steps of the operation were executed using SPMT, Hillman rollers and a Gantry system.
The Titan Tower system is made up of huge steel stools stacked and fastened together to reach a certain height requirement. Towers are also reinforced with cross bracing to provide a strong platform. The titan Tower was assembled on top of a skidding system, then loaded and moved along the skid track with the modules. It crossed over an open pit area using roro ramps and was placed inside the existing plant. Moreover, the client constructed permanent steel supports underneat the modules. Finally, Mammoet teams jacked down the modules onto the supports and removed the Titan Tower system, in order to install the turbine and generator underneath. 

ALE’s Mega Jack 300 performs in Kuwait

As a part of the Al Zafour Refinery Project EPC 2 and 3, Ale is providing onshore heavylifting solution that includes receiving pre-assambled pipe rack modules from barges at the project’s construction dock, where they are transported on SPTs over 4km to a staging area. Once at staging, the modules are raised to various heights using the new Mega Jack 300 system, which has 300t capacity per tower. According to the heavy lift specialist Ale the components of this system are compact and easy to handle on site, meaning that the re-configurations are made in as little time as possible. In addition, the jacking time has been reduced during the development phase, resulting in jack-up operations taking one or two hours.

“It was a proud moment for all of us to utilise this state of the art equipment in the Middle East for the first time. As it is compact and very effective, with high capacity, this opens a lot of opportunities in the region using this innovative technology,” said Binu K.T., Installation Manager for ALE’s Middle East branch.

A total of 188 modules, measuring up to 40m in length and weighing up to 2,100t, will be delivered to site.


40 lifts for Sarens at the Bellara gas power plant in Algeria

Sarens has mobilized a 10-member crew and two crawler cranes to perform a series of forty lifts at the Bellara gas power plant in Jijel, Algeria on behalf of its client Hyundai Engineering.

At the beginning of the mission, Sarens used a modular trailer to transport modules from storage to the lift area. Today, the crew is on its way to completing the full series of lifts, which include 118t-203t power plant modules lifted at 22.5-30 m. The equipment for this operation, that took three days to set up, includes CC2800-1 crawler crane (600t) in SSL configuration and with 84-metre main boom, CC2400-1 crawler crane (400t) in SH configuration and with 42-metre main boom, K25 modular trailer with 12 axles and one mobile crane. One of the main challenges for the Sarens crew was the new procedure the client was using to detach modules from the stand-up jig, which creates a mere 6mm distance between the module and casing. “This method consists of extracting the module with one crane only, by fixing the ‘stand-up jig’ to the metal structure of the casing during the lift,” explained the engineering manager Yassine Amrouche. To do it, the team first performed a tandem lift, and then made a rotation up to a point where they can detach the module from the frame, rotate it again and put it into its final position. The Sarens crew has completed twenty lifts and now is preparing for the next 20 modules to be installed soon.

Bellara is a 1.400MW gas powered plant and a key part of the larger Algerian and Qatari Bellara steel complex project. Algeria’s Sonelgaz has began the construction of this $800 million-dollar facility in 2013 and it should be fully operational by the end of this year.

Enerpac’s HSL 5000 used to replace the Gerald Desmond bridge in California

The American company Enerpac is specialized in high-pressure hydraulics. It recently provided its HSL 5000, strand jacks materials, to enable the company Bigge Crane and Rigging Co to lift two 613t pier tables to a height of 62,5m to replace the Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach, California. Each pier table required 10 hours to be lifted, and around the base of the two towers, four HSL 5000 each with 48 steel brands has been settled to complete this operations. Bigge synchronized them also thanks to the Enerpac’s SCC control system, “allowing the entire lift to be managed by a single operator” as stated the manufacturer.

New RFID system for Irish-based Anderco Lifting

The Irish testing and inspection specialist for lifting equipment based in Cork, Anderco Lifting is using the new CheckedOk system for its on-site reports. Developed by CoreRFID, a Skelmersdale headquartered supplier of Radio Frequency Identification, the CheckedOk system offers equipment safety testing and inventory reports enabling users to pull all data together in one place and send it directly to clients. According to the developper, its RFID based system can reduce reporting times from a couple of days to a matter of minutes. It can be integrated into users’ IT system and customised for specific client needs such as adding new equipment categories.

“The CheckedOK Solution is widely used to help improve safety management in construction, engineering, manufacturing and chemical industries. The system enables customers to easily collect and access inspection data using handheld computers, Android and Windows tablet devices or mobile phones and so reduce human error as well as speeding-up the process. Even though its well-established, we are looking to continually update its capabilities and functions and we recently added a camera to complement data collection,” explained Munzi Ali, Technical Director of CoreRFID.

Anderco Lifting is also planning to offer a new training service for its CheckedOk users.