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Gaussin announces new order from Qatar Airways Cargo

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Gaussin has announced an order placed by Qatar Airways Cargo for 6 AMDT FULL ELEC (Automotive MultiDirectional Transporter) with a preferential right for 50 additional units. Specifically designed for use in Middle East weather conditions, the AMDT is powered by lithium metal polymer batteries capable of operating in high temperatures. Its equipment includes integrated weigh scales enabling the weight of pallets to be checked against the tag weight. The AMDT can be operated both inside and outside of the Cargo Terminal within minimal space.

This order is the result of close collaboration for more than a year between technical and operation teams of Qatar Airways Cargo, Qatar Aviation Services (Ground Handling subsidiary of Qatar Airways Group) and Gaussin to jointly develop new solutions, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

The AMDTs are planned to be assembled and maintained in Qatar, at the QFZ (Qatar Free Zone) industrial site.

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