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Greiner Delivers Another Special Vehicle to Airbus in Hamburg

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Airbus has once again partnered with Greiner to acquire a special trailer designed specifically for transporting aircraft segments. This addition to their fleet, known as SEFIRO, boasts impressive dimensions of 16,500 mm x 3,500 mm and seamlessly integrates with the existing Greiner trailers at the Airbus facility in Hamburg.

Tailored to meet the unique requirements of Airbus, this customer-specific vehicle is primarily used for transporting a variety of cycle racks equipped with aircraft segments from the entire A-series range. Its operations are centered within the Airbus Finkenwerder location.


Like all trailers built on the Greiner SEFIRO platform, this particular model features electronic-hydraulic multi-way all-wheel steering with a comprehensive range of steering programs. Furthermore, the vehicle operates entirely emission-free, relying on a fully electric powertrain. To achieve this, the SEFIRO is equipped with six lithium-iron battery blocks that can be rapidly charged using twelve chargers and an intelligent battery management system. This power setup efficiently supplies two complete hydraulic power units.

The SEFIRO is controlled through a primary radio remote control, allowing operators to manage its various functions conveniently. Additionally, a secondary control panel enables a second operator to oversee multiple features simultaneously, enhancing operational efficiency.

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One of the standout features of this vehicle is its autonomous driving program. Through the utilization of LiDAR sensors and reflectors, the SEFIRO autonomously navigates to precise positions with millimeter accuracy, reducing human intervention during transportation operations.

To ensure safety and ease of operation, the SEFIRO is equipped with extensive lighting, numerous safety devices, and offers optical and acoustic support to assist operators in their tasks.

Greiner is currently working on fulfilling additional orders from Airbus for similar applications. These orders are currently in production and will be delivered in the coming months, further strengthening the partnership between Greiner and Airbus.

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