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Greiner GmbH rebrands as Greiner Heavy Engineering

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Greiner GmbH – Fahrzeugtechnik is rebranding as Greiner Heavy Engineering, complete with a new logo and website. The updated logo aligns with the Neuenstein “heavy-duty rockers” aesthetic, featuring a contemporary design that represents the brand’s commitment to quality and service. The new character and slogan, Heavy Engineering, is a natural progression for the company, as it builds upon the reputation of its well-known heavy product portfolio while also incorporating the musical tastes of the team.

Despite the rebranding, customers can still expect the same exceptional level of quality and service that Greiner GmbH has always provided. The company’s contacts remain the same, and the team is always available to assist clients. With its fresh new look, Greiner Heavy Engineering is ready to take on new challenges and continue providing innovative solutions to its customers.


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