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Hareket’s new investment opens another door

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Hareket, the specialist in heavy lifting and project transportation, expands its activities with new investments made at Bautino TS Marine Base Port in Kazakhstan. By increasing the evacuation capacity of the port with 600-ton cranes, Hareket has become able to offer an end-to-end solution in the CIS region in terms of integrated project logistics. Hareket, which provides services to other companies that use the port both for their own projects and those who want to unload heavy cargo here, has connected the countries that have a coast to the Caspian Sea to the world maritime network for heavy cargo transportation. 

Photo: Abdullah Altunkum, Board Member of Hareket

Abdullah Altunkum, Board Member of Hareket, underlined that they established a heavy lift terminal with international standards at Bautino TS Marine Base Port and made sea access possible for many projects through the Don-Volga Canal. Reminding that road use in heavy cargo transportation is much more difficult due to physical conditions, Altunkum said, “It is a great advantage to have a port that can unload heavy cargo, as global projects need high tonnage discharge capacities.” Stating that the Hareket will become a global brand within 5 years by developing its activities starting from Central Asia, Turkic Republics, Middle East and African countries, Altunkum said that Bautino TS Marine Base Port will play an important role in achieving this goal.

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