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Celebrating 20 Years of Faymonville Engineering Luxembourg’s Continuous Growth

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In a testament to unwavering progress, Faymonville Engineering Luxembourg commemorates two decades of success, tracing its journey from a modest sales company in 1990 to a powerhouse in heavy-duty and special transport solutions today.

The company’s initial foray into Luxembourg marked a pivotal moment, with the establishment of a sales company in 1990 and the inauguration of a production site in 2003. This milestone anniversary prompts reflection on the remarkable journey so far and a glimpse into the promising future – all indicative of a singular trajectory: forward.


The inauguration of the FEL I production halls in Büllingen in response to the growing needs of the main plant marked a historic milestone. The facility, sprawling over 9,000 square meters, boasted two distinct production lines, enabling the manufacture of 150 inloaders and 300 MultiMAXs and TeleMAXs annually.

Reflecting on those early days, Alain Faymonville, recounts, “At that time, the factory had two different production lines which allowed us to manufacture 150 inloaders as well as 300 MultiMAXs and TeleMAXs per year.” Fast forward to 2022, where the production figure stands at around 1,250 vehicles, showcasing the remarkable evolution of the location. Continuous expansions have defined this growth, with additional production halls contributing to the efficient design of the value chain. The FEL II complex, considered an industry benchmark, and the FEL III administration building have expanded the production area to an impressive 40,000 square meters.


The growth is not only evident in infrastructure but also in the workforce. From the initial 50 employees in 2003, FEL in north Luxembourg now employs a dedicated team of 450 individuals, the driving force behind the company’s success. Their hard work has resulted in the production of 18,000 vehicles in Lentzweiler over the years, equivalent to processing 165,000 tonnes of steel and assembling approximately 67,000 axles installed in MultiMAX, TeleMAX, FloatMAX, and more. Vehicles from Luxembourg now traverse over 100 countries worldwide, embodying the motto, “From the factory to the world.”

The theme of “growth” is not just a buzzword; it’s a lived reality. With around 100 million euros invested in infrastructure, machinery, and employee working environments, Faymonville Engineering Luxembourg remains committed to the highest production standards. Future plans include an extension of delivery halls in 2024, further solidifying their cutting-edge production expertise.


This two-decade journey has firmly established Faymonville Engineering Luxembourg as an integral part of Luxembourg’s industrial landscape. The company stands on solid ground in a financially and politically stable country, the headquarters of the Faymonville Group. The loyalty and dedication of the employees, many of whom have been part of the journey since its inception, deserve special recognition.

Flexibility, productivity, quality, and innovation form the pillars on which the Faymonville Group team operates daily across all sites. These principles have earned the trust of loyal customers, creating a unique touch around the “MAX” brand. This was evident during the anniversary weekend, where over 2,000 visitors, including staff, friends, families, and long-time companions, came together to celebrate “20 years of FEL” to the MAX!


As we look back on the journey marked by significant milestones, including the construction of FEL I in 2003, enlargement of production areas, and the completion of FEL III in 2023, the future looks promising. With plans for a building extension in 2024 and ongoing dedication to excellence, Faymonville Engineering Luxembourg continues to shape the landscape of heavy-duty and special transport solutions, embracing the spirit of growth and innovation.

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