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Mammoet Americas Holding, Inc. Unveils First Faymonville Trailers

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Mammoet Americas Holding, Inc., a global player in heavy lifting and transport solutions, has announced the addition of two 9-axle HighwayMAX trailers to its fleet. These trailers enhance the US team’s capabilities, enabling them to undertake a variety of heavy haul missions throughout North America.


The new HighwayMAX models introduced by Mammoet redefine hauling possibilities, boasting a legal payload capacity exceeding 174,000 lbs at 20,000 lbs per axle, with a remarkable technical payload capacity exceeding 249,000 lbs. Explaining the technical aspects, Faymonville Sales Manager Paul Hönen highlights the pivotal role of the king-pin steering mechanism with counter-steered axles, ensuring the necessary maneuverability. The trailer’s pendulum axles, featuring a hydraulic stroke of 23 ⅝” and a steering angle of up to 60°, enable seamless navigation even on challenging road terrains. This adaptability empowers Mammoet to quickly adjust the trailer configuration to suit varying loads. The stretch deck spans a total length of 89′, allowing for effortless extension and retraction in a matter of minutes. Notably, the overall “truck & trailer” length remains under 90′, enabling travel without the need for escorts in the majority of US states.


Paul Hönen elaborates, “Our HighwayMAX vehicle stands as a dependable solution for an array of heavy haul assignments. Exceptionally high point load capacities of 44,000 lbs over the axle bearings and 88,000 lbs over the central spine underscore its robustness. Hydraulic axle compensation contributes to enhanced lateral stability.” Furthermore, the trailer boasts full spray galvanization for unparalleled corrosion protection, setting a new standard in the market. Faymonville prioritizes the integration of US-DOT certified components for the brake and lighting systems, ensuring compliance and reliability. To ensure seamless post-sales service, all essential spare parts are readily accessible within the US market.

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