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Goldhofer’s STZ-VP 3 low loader semitrailer acquired by Senn AG

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Senn AG, a company based in Oftringen, Switzerland, has recently acquired a new Goldhofer low loader semitrailer for its transport division. The heavy-duty 3-axle low loader is capable of carrying a payload of approximately 46 t and features a 3-axle swing-axle chassis with axle compensation of +/- 300 mm, making it well-suited for use in challenging road conditions, such as construction site entrances.

With a 6,600 mm long low profile deck that can be extended by an additional 4,400 mm, along with two extra pairs of extension beams, one measuring three meters and the other five meters, this heavy-duty combination can transport long goods such as large machines and boilers on the low profile deck.

“With the new 3-axle heavy-duty combination, we want to further expand our heavy-duty transport division and increase our capacities,” explains Jörg Senn, Managing Director of Senn AG.

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