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Get ready for the next move!

Move It magazine partner of the JDL EXPO 2020 exhibition from September 9 to 11 in France. With the critical situation in which we all work, we must now prepare our future and the JDL EXPO is there at the right time. 

This European exhibition of exceptional materials will contribute to the future of our economy in our profession. For all activities of Transport, handling, lifting and construction in the industry, the JDL will present to leaders, directors, managers, operators, users, all the solutions, materials and innovations necessary for everyone to work safely.

We are looking forward to meeting you very soon during this event which will be unique in concept to progress in this new economy to come!

Let’s get ready! And let’s remain optimistic!

The JDL EXPO announces as the European event 2020!

The JDL 2020 will take place on September 9, 10 and 11, 2020 in Beaune, as confirmed few days after the 2019 edition.

More than ever, the JDL will focus their efforts on the visitors, that we have extended to Europe and the border countries of France for key accounts of rental, lifting and transport from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy,Spain and the Netherlands. Thanks to our geographic location based in the center of Europe, accessible by multiple highways and served by Lyon airport in 1 hour 20 minutes by car, by the TGV from Paris in less than 2 hours, the JDL will pass the 20,000 visitor mark. this year . (16,800 visitors in 2019).

Always focused on final users, industry, construction and environment, visit intentions far exceed our expectations to date and given the current health situation. Many companies have told us that the JDL represents for them a commercial restart of their teams.

“We will do everything to be up to everyone’s expectations” declare the organizers.The accessibility and conviviality of this exhibition makes it a unique event in Europe.

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