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August Alborn Elevates Heavy Transport Operations with TII Scheuerle

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Under the banner “Heavy Transport – Next Level,” August Alborn, a transport service provider, is enhancing its heavy-load logistics capabilities with the acquisition of two EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailers from TII Scheuerle. These additions bolster Alborn’s fleet, renowned for transporting heavy and bulky goods across Dortmund and beyond.

Helmut Alborn, Managing Director of August Alborn, emphasizes the necessity of continual innovation in the heavy-load logistics sector. The company specializes in transporting machinery, factory installations, and other bulky items critical to industries. With a focus on efficiency and safety, Alborn’s fleet includes truck-mounted cranes, heavy-duty vehicles, lifting frames, and more.

TII Scheuerle

The EuroCompact series from TII Scheuerle offers high payload capacity and maneuverability while maintaining a compact design. With payloads of up to 36 and 48 tonnes respectively, these semi-trailers feature telescopic slab decks, providing flexibility in loading length. The low loading height and large lifting height ensure ease of operation and navigation through tight spaces.

Alborn acknowledges the economic efficiency of the EuroCompact trailers, citing their versatility and cost-effectiveness. The intuitive operating concept and safety features, including the SALSA Plus load case simulation software, further enhance their appeal. Alborn’s employees also commend the user-friendly design and expert product training provided by TII Scheuerle.

TII SCHEUERLE EuroCompact August Alborn delivery February 2024 20240222 V0004

Impressed by the collaborative partnership and product quality, Alborn has decided to expand its fleet with additional transport solutions from TII Scheuerle including the Scheuerle K25 L axle lines. This commitment underscores the company’s confidence in TII Scheuerle’s ability to deliver reliable and efficient heavy transport solutions.

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