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bp Pulse Acquires Ashford Truckstop for EV Charging

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bp pulse, BP’s electric vehicle charging arm, has secured ownership of Ashford International Truckstop in Kent, one of Europe’s largest truck stops. This acquisition aligns with BP’s commitment to supporting heavy goods vehicle (HGV) fleets in their transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

Located strategically near Junction 10 and 10a of the M20, close to Dover and the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone, the truck stop serves as a crucial hub for approximately 3.5 million HGVs crossing the channel annually. The site’s vast capacity allows for the installation of around 20 mega-watt chargers (MCS), catering to both on-the-go and overnight charging needs.

Stefan von Dobschuetz, General Manager of bp pulse Europe, emphasized the importance of reliable infrastructure for fleet operators considering the switch to electric. The plan includes partnering with national energy infrastructure providers to ensure timely power connections for the project.

Under the agreement, bp pulse will lease back the site to Ashford International Truckstop Ltd, retaining ownership of the EV charging infrastructure while GSE Group operates existing facilities. Darrell Healey, Chairman of GSE Group, highlighted the synergy between the renowned truck stop and bp pulse’s EV charging capabilities.

BP’s ambition extends beyond this acquisition, aiming to establish a network of mobility hubs across key logistics routes in the UK and Europe. This aligns with their broader strategy to invest in lower carbon energy solutions while maintaining their traditional oil and gas operations.

The acquisition of Ashford International Truckstop marks a significant step in bp’s commitment to decarbonizing road transportation, building upon their existing efforts such as Europe’s first EV truck charging corridor in Germany. As they continue to expand their EV charging infrastructure, bp pulse seeks to facilitate the transition of HGV operators to electric, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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