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New Wind Tower Adapter Enhances Transport Solutions

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Faymonville has introduced a revolutionary addition to its range: the wind tower adapter with a free rotation device, mounted on a 4+7 dolly trailer. This innovative solution fills a crucial gap in Faymonville’s offerings, catering to the specific needs of transporting wind tower segments weighing up to 100 tonnes on winding roads.

This combination features a 4-axle dolly with air suspension at the front, providing unparalleled flexibility for different tractor unit configurations, including 6×4, 8×4, and even 10×4. According to Product Manager Rainer Noe, this versatility makes the concept extremely appealing to users, especially with options for 17.5” or 22.5” tyres.

Designed for maximum efficiency, the wind tower adapter comes equipped with two tower adapters that facilitate easy connection to tower segments in 3-point or 4-point clamps, without requiring an additional frame. The adapters accommodate internal diameters from 2,650 to 5,400 millimetres, with an extension available for even larger segments up to 6,300 millimetres. This flexibility extends to segments with external flanges, as well as various machine houses.


Safety is paramount in the design of the 7-axle self-steering trailer, which sets new standards in road safety. Utilizing hydraulic suspension, the trailer can be raised or lowered on one side, enhancing convoy stability in critical passages. The steering system features four steering cylinders for front and rear steering, while hydraulic and mechanical locking systems prevent inadvertent movement of the adapter. Intuitive controls and remote operation ensure user safety during loading and unloading operations.

With its innovative features and focus on safety, the wind tower adapter with free rotation device promises to revolutionize the transportation of wind tower segments, providing a reliable solution for the renewable energy industry’s evolving needs.

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