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Kässbohrer Launches Innovative Octagon-on Container Chassis Range

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Renowned semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer has introduced its latest generation container chassis vehicles, offering both extendable and fixed options. The new range features an award-winning octagonal central beam design, providing robust and lightweight chassis for improved load distribution and user-friendly operations. With a focus on sustainability, Kässbohrer addresses the evolving needs of the transport industry in alignment with the 2050 net-zero carbon goal.

The innovative octagonal central frame design, awarded the Trailer Innovation Award First Place in Category Chassis, eliminates torsional issues that have persisted for over 30 years, ensuring a longer product life. The new chassis range underwent rigorous testing, including digital testing, tortional stiffness tests, bumper tests, and container lock safety tests, guaranteeing robustness and performance for a minimum of 10 years.


Kässbohrer’s Octagon-on rear extendable K.SHG AH and front and rear extendable K.SHG AVH, constructed with S700 MC steel and KTL coating, cater to safe transport of 20ft to 45ft containers. The range features lighter chassis for increased payload capacity and lower fuel consumption on empty journeys.

For fixed container chassis options, Kässbohrer offers Octagon-on K.SHG S for 20ft to 40ft container transport and Octagon-on K.SHG L for 40ft and 45ft containers. These fixed options provide unparalleled load distribution and traction performance, meeting the diverse needs of intermodal transport operators.


In summary, Kässbohrer’s new generation Octagon-on container chassis range, incorporating the award-winning octagonal central frame design, addresses the robustness, longevity, safety, and efficiency requirements of the evolving transport industry. The company offers a comprehensive solution for both extendable and fixed container chassis, meeting the unique needs of all intermodal transport operators.

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