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TREX Takes Charge of TII Scheuerle Sales and Service in South America

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TREX, distributor of mobile cranes and cargo handling equipment, has assumed responsibility for sales and service operations of TII Scheuerle products in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. As part of the Peruvian Ferreycorp Group, TREX specializes in distributing mobile cranes and lifting equipment. This collaboration expands TREX’s market segment for transporting heavy and oversized loads, while providing TII Scheuerle with a strategic partner to meet the growing demand for special vehicles in Latin America.

TREX, with over two decades of experience in the region, is well-acquainted with customer needs in construction and mining industries. The partnership leverages TREX’s expertise in hydraulic systems, crucial for servicing TII Scheuerle’s transport solutions. Maximilian Seer, TII Group Area Sales Manager, highlighted TREX’s ideal position due to its extensive knowledge, emphasizing the company’s exceptional customer service.

The collaboration not only includes the sale of vehicles but also encompasses service, maintenance, and spare parts supply. This partnership enhances the accessibility and support for TII Scheuerle products, ensuring reliability and satisfaction for customers in South America. TREX’s additional services, such as operator and technician training programs and a comprehensive spare parts inventory, further contribute to a seamless customer experience.

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