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Bolloré Logistics Transports Massive Drilling Rig from Argentina to Mongolia

Bolloré Logistics
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Bolloré Logistics Chile has successfully executed a highly intricate operation, transporting a mobile drilling rig spanning 650 cubic meters and comprising five parts, with a weight of 118 tonnes. This feat, accomplished in late August of the previous year, involved a complex journey from Argentina through Chile, China, and ultimately reaching its destination in Mongolia.

The sheer dimensions and weight of the mobile drilling rig posed a formidable challenge for the transport team. A seamless and well-coordinated effort between Bolloré Logistics offices in Argentina, Chile, Canada, and China was crucial to ensuring the success of this operation. A comprehensive door-to-door solution was implemented, ensuring the mobile drilling rig’s safe and uninterrupted passage throughout its entire journey.

To execute this logistical marvel, specialized trailers were employed to transport the rig’s components by road through Chile. Subsequently, the machine was shipped by sea from Lirquen to Qingdao in China, followed by transportation via four trucks to its final destination in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

As an additional safeguard, the port machinery storage service was utilized to ensure the rig’s security and protection throughout the entire process. This measure guaranteed that all components remained secure and intact until the final handover.

Jorge Anacona, Managing Director of Bolloré Logistics Chile, commented, “This project is a prime example of our industry’s capability to overcome extraordinary logistical challenges. We want to thank our teams of experts and our offices in Argentina, Chile, Canada, and China for their dedication and hard work in successfully carrying out this relocation. Our capability to provide door-to-door solutions showcases our expertise in managing large-scale logistics projects.”

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