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Preserving Historic Steam Locomotive BR 86 346

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Steam locomotives hold a unique and timeless charm, captivating enthusiasts in both miniature and full-scale versions. The Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde, a group of dedicated railway enthusiasts, are on a mission to maintain and operate historic railway equipment. Recently, they received a significant addition for restoration – a partially dismantled locomotive of the BR 86 346 type. The last class 86 locomotives were retired by the Deutsche Bahn in 1974, making this locomotive a precious relic of the past. Weighing a hefty 60 tonnes, it needed careful transport from the harbor in Karlsruhe to Ettlingen.


Ehrig Arne KG, based in Schwarzenberg, boasts extensive experience in transporting railway vehicles, earning them a reputation as one of the top service providers for such challenging tasks. In this instance, they were entrusted with the locomotive’s safe transport.


The locomotive’s journey commenced on a 2+4 VarioMAX low loader from Faymonville. To accommodate the massive load, the vehicle deck was extended by one meter using telescopically extended beams, and 6,000-millimeter-long elongation beams were installed. This setup facilitated the delicate process of loading the 13.86-meter-long locomotive onto the low loader via a specialized track ramp and a permanently installed track on the inner vehicle chassis, following the uncoupling of the gooseneck.


The combined weight of the locomotive and transport equipment reached a staggering 107 tonnes, with an overall length exceeding 30 meters. With the locomotive safely delivered, the Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde now have the honorable task of restoring this historic gem to its former glory.

Vario Z 624HH V KBX A PA Ehrig DE Ch. 31592 1

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