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Allelys Delivers Transformers to Moray West Converter Station

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Allelys recently completed a complex operation, transporting two massive transformers from Buckie Harbour in Banffshire, Scotland, to the Moray West Onshore Converter Station. These transformers, each weighing 239 metric tons and measuring 12.3 meters in length, 4 meters in width, and 4.6 meters in height, presented a logistical challenge.

To offload the transformers from the vessel, an LG1750 lattice boom crane was employed, and they were then loaded onto self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs). The first transformer was transshipped onto a 24-axle girder frame trailer, enhancing the offload process due to its extended length. With police escorts and road closures in place, the first transformer was transported to the site. Subsequently, the girder frame was disassembled, and the second transformer was collected. At the same time, the first transformer was lowered onto the designated plinth.


The girder frame was reassembled at the port, and the second transformer followed the same process and route as the first. This efficient scheduling allowed Allelys to maintain a tight timeline.


Jordan Heath, Project Manager at Allelys, commended the project, stating, “This project exemplifies Allelys’ ability to find efficient solutions for the power sector, even in challenging environments like the harbor. Our expertise in route planning and management ensured a successful outcome.”

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