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TII’s Sales and Service Presence in Champs-sur-Yonne for the French Market

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Champs-sur-Yonne, the TII Group’s center, acts as the primary sales and service center for TII Scheuerle transport solutions, including the servicing of existing vehicles in French customer fleets. The site is dedicated to retrofitting, spare parts supply, and addressing the specific needs of French customers. Armed with innovative products and extensive industry knowledge, the TII Group is committed to strengthening its foothold in the French market. In a recent event held in mid-September, the TII Group showcased its strategy and a selection of products and services. Notably, a semi-modular EuroCompact lowbed trailer and a Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss demonstrated the product range’s performance on-site.

The TII Group has modernized its brand structure for clarity. TII Scheuerle specializes in heavy goods transport solutions, both on and off the road, catering to various sectors, including construction, energy, aerospace, and shipping. TII Kamag focuses on in-house transport solutions, providing vehicles for yard logistics, metallurgy, and application-specific requirements.


The experts at the TII Group’s Champs-sur-Yonne site, located around 1.5 hours south of Paris, excel in serving the needs of French customers. They specialize in distributing TII Scheuerle transport solutions, servicing and managing TII Kamag industrial vehicles, and collaborating with the long-standing partner Aprolis to handle logistics vehicles from TII Kamag. Their services encompass repair, retrofitting, spare parts supply, and much more, ensuring that transport solutions remain current and adaptable.

The Champs-sur-Yonne site also guarantees high availability of spare parts with swift delivery. It offers various additional services, including load case planning, training, and equipping transport solutions with a fleet management system for efficient operation.


A 3,500-square-meter facility at the site includes a sandblasting unit, a paint shop, and a service facility, in addition to administration buildings. The site has already successfully completed repair and retrofit projects, including overhauling and modernizing self-propelled transport vehicles from Airbus.

TII Scheuerle’s portfolio includes a wide array of solutions, from semi-modular towed vehicles to self-propelled transport solutions, precisely configured for diverse applications. The recent showcase included a semi-modular EuroCompact lowbed trailer and a Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss, highlighting the product range’s strength and versatility.

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