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Swiss Wind Power Gets a Lift with Liebherr Cranes

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Wind energy in Switzerland accounts for a small fraction of the nation’s energy mix, contributing just 0.25% of the total electricity production, primarily dominated by hydropower. However, recent developments in the Jura mountain range in the canton of Vaud, near the French border, have added six new wind turbines to the landscape. These turbines, boasting a combined output of 13.8 MWh, were installed during the summer months using cutting-edge equipment from Liebherr, a renowned crane manufacturer.

Emil Egger AG, a crane company, deployed its two most powerful hoisting units, the LR 1700-1.0 and the LR 11000, to navigate the challenging terrain at an altitude of approximately 1,200 meters. The heaviest lifts occurred during the installation of the generators, with the LR 11000 handling a massive 71-tonne load, including the hook block and slings. To tackle the towering assembly heights of around 100 meters, a 114-meter-long main boom was fitted to the crane.


While the rotor components were visually striking, they weighed slightly less than the generators, totaling 65 tonnes. Specialized equipment was used to maneuver the 40-meter-long rotor blades into a vertical position during the lifting process.


Meanwhile, the LR 1700-1.0 worked on erecting other wind turbines nearby, featuring a 99-meter main boom and a 12-meter jib set at a ten-degree angle to ensure ample lifting height.


Emphasizing the choice of Liebherr equipment, Managing Director Michael Egger noted, “All the crawler cranes in our fleet are from Liebherr. We rely completely on the Liebherr brand for crawler crane technology because these modern machines are extremely practical and user-friendly. The machines are simply ‘state of the art,’ and Liebherr’s service leaves little to be desired.”

Emphasizing their satisfaction with Liebherr’s support, Egger added, “If we have a major problem with our equipment, a mechanic is on-site within two hours. And that’s worth a lot.

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