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TII KAMAG Unveils Innovative Transport Solutions 

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TII KAMAG showcased its transport solutions at Metec 2023, the premier international fair for metalwork technology held in Dusseldorf. The metallurgy industry faces significant challenges in meeting environmental protection requirements and improving efficiency in internal logistics. TII KAMAG’s presentation demonstrated their commitment to equipping the industry for a sustainable future.

A highlight of the exhibition was the KAMAG industrial lift transporter, known as the KAMAG IHT, which serves as a specialized vehicle for transporting semi-finished steel products like sheets, slabs, coils, beams, and even junk palettes and pails. Visitors praised the modern design of the newly-developed cabin, featuring excellent visibility and ergonomics, providing a safe and comfortable workspace for drivers. The cabin’s large glass surfaces offer a wide field of vision, contributing to enhanced workplace safety. Access to the driver’s workplace is facilitated by a stair-like entry, further improving convenience.

The KAMAG IHT’s cabin impressed attendees with its modern and ergonomic features. The joystick-based control system and centrally positioned display, which rotates along with the driver’s seat, ensure that essential information is always within the driver’s line of sight.

Another critical aspect for the metalwork industry is the serviceability and maintenance efficiency of the fleet. TII KAMAG addresses these needs by offering reduced vehicle operating costs through increased service accessibility. The KAMAG IHT’s engine can be easily accessed through a large side hatch during maintenance and service, minimizing downtime and improving overall availability. Additionally, the vehicle provides remote maintenance capabilities, enabling KAMAG experts to address issues from any location, effectively avoiding unplanned downtimes.

TII KAMAG recognizes the growing importance of sustainability in the transport industry and has incorporated fuel-saving features into its engines. For example, the hydraulic oil cooling system can be closed off when not required, resulting in potential fuel savings of up to 15% during transportation.

The KAMAG SlagPotCarrier (SPC), a popular choice in the metallurgy industry, also garnered significant attention at the exhibition. Like the KAMAG IHT, the SPC benefits from remote maintenance and efficient engine technology. Notably, the SPC features an exhaust gas collection tank, preventing harmful emissions from entering the surrounding atmosphere and safeguarding the health of metalworkers.

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