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RINA and Eni Join Forces to Advance Energy Transition in Maritime Transport

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RINA, a renowned international company specializing in inspection, certification, and engineering consultancy, has entered into a collaborative agreement with Eni to jointly pursue initiatives that will drive the energy transition and decarbonization of their respective operations, with a particular focus on maritime transport. Leveraging their individual areas of expertise, RINA and Eni aim to capitalize on mutual benefits and foster sustainable practices.

The agreement centers on the utilization of HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) biofuel, which Eni produces in its Venice and Gela bio-refineries. Additionally, the partnership explores the potential of other energy carriers, such as “blue” or “green” hydrogen and ammonia derived from biogenic, renewable, or waste sources that do not compete with the food chain. These energy alternatives will be applied specifically within the naval sector. The collaboration also encompasses the development of initiatives for optimizing the logistics and value chain of new energy carriers, as well as the adoption of certified methods for accurately measuring the emissions reductions they provide.

Furthermore, Eni and RINA will explore the implementation of experiments and pilot projects related to on-board carbon capture, furthering their commitment to the sustainability objectives of the maritime sector.

Ugo Salerno, Chairman and CEO of RINA, expressed his belief that cooperation among companies is crucial for achieving the shared goal of decarbonizing industry and transportation. By pooling their expertise and knowledge with Eni, RINA aims to contribute to the development of innovative energy supply models. The collaboration’s initial focus will be on the maritime sector, an industry that presents unique challenges in reducing carbon emissions but can draw inspiration from successful initiatives in other industrial sectors.

Giuseppe Ricci, Chief Operating Officer for Energy Evolution at Eni, emphasized that Eni and RINA possess significant expertise and technological capabilities that can substantially contribute to decarbonizing maritime transport. Adopting a technology-agnostic approach, they will explore multiple solutions to address the sustainability needs of shipowners and logistics operators in the short, medium, and long term. This partnership provides an opportunity to study and develop innovative approaches that will make maritime transport more environmentally friendly.

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