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Customize Rental Processes with MCS Rental Software Extensions

MCS Rental Software
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MCS Rental Software users are taking full advantage of the suite of solutions available, utilizing “extensions” to customize their systems to fit their unique rental processes. With over 100 extensions now available, rental companies can find a solution that is adaptable to their specific business protocols without the need for a fully bespoke software solution.

According to Nick Thomson, MCS Sales Director, this has been a “game changer” for customers who previously had to weigh the benefits of a completely customized software solution versus an off-the-shelf option. Now, rental companies can tailor existing solutions to fit their needs and share their knowledge and collaborate with others to create solutions that fit other rental companies.

Extensions work seamlessly alongside Smart Alerts, another useful feature of the MCS Rental Software. Together, these features allow users to mandate specific process flows to ensure that steps are not skipped or to use pop-up alerts for actions that deviate from the preferred workflow. This helps to ensure that employees follow the correct rental processes, which not only creates a single way of working but also ensures health and safety and legal requirements are met. Additionally, it helps to reduce mistakes by solidifying a working process.

Nick concludes that with these features, MCS Rental Software users can streamline their rental processes and reduce the likelihood of errors, ultimately improving their overall business operations.

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