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MCS Rental Software improves with what3words adoption

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Rental software provider MCS has added what3words to its software to improve efficiency and customer experience. What3words uses words instead of numbers or letters for location identification, making it easier to remember and share coordinates. 

The integration with MCS Transport Mobile, which already includes latitude and longitude, makes navigation even simpler by reducing complicated coordinates to three words. This saves time in delivering and collecting equipment, creating a quicker and more efficient work environment. Technicians can also quickly locate assets for on-site repairs, refueling, or toilet servicing, streamlining the job process.

Nick Thomson, MCS Sales Director, explains: “Often, it can be difficult to locate equipment on a busy construction or event site or a street address often isn’t accurate enough to specify precise locations, such as building entrances and across rural areas. The powerful combination of MCS Transport Mobile and what3words allows hirers and drivers to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience.”

The rental industry can benefit from what3words across 50 languages, enabling faster and hassle-free deliveries. The MCS Rental Software app integrates with What3Words and Bing maps for easy navigation, even without a phone signal or data connection. With the ability to view and navigate locations using compass mode, hirers no longer need to worry about being stuck without signal. The app makes the last mile of deliveries and collections 42% faster. 

Nick Thomson adds: “With the use of precise locations for deliveries and collections, drivers’ busy schedules are now made quicker and easier whilst also enhancing the relationship between the customer and rental company. Also, hirers do not necessarily have to be available onsite for pick-ups and drop-offs as the equipment can be left in a precise and clear location. This results in faster, more efficient deliveries and collections.”

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