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Volvo Penta boosts electric grid innovation

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Utility Innovation Group (UIG) has gained a new strategic investor in Volvo Penta, a company that specializes in battery energy storage subsystems and power generation solutions. The investment will enable Volvo Penta to accelerate its entry into the utility sector, advancing its mission to achieve net-zero emissions.

UIG is a US-based company that specializes in resilient and decentralized energy solutions. By partnering with UIG, Volvo Penta aims to enhance its collective capabilities and create new opportunities to advance the electric grid infrastructure. Together, they can offer innovative solutions for mission-critical use cases, such as hospitals and data centers, as well as for electrical “prosumers” who both produce and consume energy to support the grid.

The partnership will enable energy optimization by connecting energy sources with battery energy storage systems, reducing reliance on the grid and building a more resilient energy ecosystem. This investment underscores Volvo Penta’s commitment to scaling net-zero projects with its OEM customers while strengthening the reliable portfolio of solutions available to its customers.

Overall, the investment by Volvo Penta in UIG marks an important milestone in advancing the adoption of clean energy solutions in the utility sector. 

This move is another proof point on our journey to net zero and decarbonizing beyond the transportation sector. We see great potential in our investment and our collaborative partnership with UIG. Together, we will be able to accelerate access and adoption of BESS-related solutions,” says Heléne Mellquist, President Volvo Penta.

“Establishing trust and fostering a strong partnership comes naturally, given the proven track record of the Volvo Group’s technology in emissions reductions, heavy-duty power solutions and aftermarket expertise,” says Sidney Hinton, Founder and CEO of UIG. Volvo Penta’s electrification platform offers differentiated energy storage performance for electrical resiliency within microgrid solutions as we design and build the electric grid of the future. With this strategic investment, we aim to deploy industry-leading solutions and new technologies, enabling digitalization, charging optimization and microgrid operations.”

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