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Rhenus Port Logistics Builds Advanced Transshipment Terminal in Basel-Kleinhünigen

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Rhenus Port Logistics is investing in a new transshipment terminal at the Rhine port of Basel-Kleinhünigen, Switzerland. Emil Egger AG is handling the logistics for the prefabricated concrete elements, using four Liebherr cranes to maximize efficiency during construction.

The new Terminal 4 spans 7,300 square meters and consists of five hall sections. Equipped with modern technology, the trimodal terminal will feature five bridge cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 32 tonnes, excavators, forklifts, a rail intake hopper for bulk goods, and advanced scales for road, rail, and water transport.


To manage the prefabricated concrete supports, Emil Egger AG deployed two mobile cranes—an LTM 1350-6.1 and an LTM 1650-8.1—and two crawler cranes—an LR 1250 and an LR 11000. The LR 1250 handled the formwork and transport of 64-tonne diagonal supports, loading them onto low-loaders for internal site transport. The LR 11000, Switzerland’s largest crawler crane, installed crane track supports and external bone girders, moving 211-tonne supports over a 59-metre radius and 265-tonne supports over 45 metres with a 72-metre boom and V-frame configuration.

liebherr lr 11000 egger 5 300dpi

Michael Egger from Emil Egger highlighted the importance of the V-frame, which has become indispensable for their operations. The VarioTray was also crucial, allowing the crane to lift, move, and shift supports with over 400 tonnes of suspended ballast.

liebherr ltm 1350 6 1 egger 1 300dpi

The 1,000-tonne crawler crane extended wall panels made from cast-in-place concrete to the final height of the hall and installed 14 bone girders, each involving a 140-tonne lift at a 44-metre radius. The LTM 1350-6.1 lifted and tilted the diagonal supports into place, while the LTM 1650-8.1 closed the gaps in the concrete wall panels and installed the last six bone girders, lifting 90-tonne beams at a 14-metre radius.

liebherr ltm 1350 6 1 egger 2 300dpi

The new terminal will significantly enhance cargo handling and transportation capabilities in the region, demonstrating Rhenus Port Logistics’ commitment to advancing port infrastructure.

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